How Great Is Your faith?

Title: How Great Is Your faith?

Author: Sharlyne C. Thomas

Publisher:  Sword of the Spirit Ministries (November 1, 2011)

Number of Pages: 22 pages



About The Author:      51rbysxpzol__ux250_

Sharlyne C. Thomas, 2013 Author of the Year (Newsome Awards), is an inspirational speaker and editor who was raised in the Christian faith and has served as an intercessor since 2003. She was given the vision for Sword of the Spirit Ministries in 2005 and has since then walked in her divine purpose to edify the Body of Christ through prayer and exhortation. Sharlyne is fulfilling this calling by distributing her monthly e-newsletters entitled “Take Up Thy Sword” and “Bizzness Nooze,” and publishing prayer guides such as “When Heaven Hears Your Prayer,” “How Great is Your Faith?” “I See What You’re Saying!” and “P.E.P. (Prayer + Encouragement = Power).” She has been invited to speak and teach at a variety of community and ministry events, and she has been a guest on several radio and TV shows on WOKB 1680AM, Rejoice 1140AM, WPIO 89.3FM, La Magica 1220AM, Joy Gospel Radio, Testify Radio, “Point of View” on the Afrotainment Channel and “Angie BEE Presents.” Sharlyne also utilizes her gifts and talents via Spirit of Excellence Writing and Editing Services, contributing articles to magazines such as “Built to Prosper” and “Esdras’ Scroll” as well as editing/proofreading various copy for a broad range of writers and organizations nationwide. In addition to serving as the corresponding secretary on the board of directors for Business Women Inspirational Network (2013 Member of the Year), she is also active in the Watchmen on the Wall Prayer Network, an instructor at Destined for Destiny Women’s Institute and a speaker with Moms-n-Ministry. Sharlyne’s church involvement includes past roles as a new members’ teacher, women’s ministry group leader and co-facilitator of a single parents’ life group. Born and raised in Southern California, she currently lives in Orlando, Florida..

About This Book: 




The follow-up to “When Heaven Hears Your Prayer” (Take Up Thy Sword – Vol. I), “How Great is Your Faith?” is the highly anticipated second volume in this series. You will learn how to walk boldly in the confidence and power which already resides in you. More than ever, people are searching for hope and strength to endure afflictions. Your trust in God, belief in Jesus Christ (the Word), and fellowship with the Holy Spirit are enough to sustain you. It’s time to take that leap-FAITH IS THE OPPOSITE OF FEAR!

 How Great Is Your Faith Book Review:

“Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who approaches Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

This is the first book “How Great Is Your Faith” that I was reading and was minister personally through the messages about faith that Sharlyne C. Thomas. Sharlyne provided many great scriptures for the readers to understands what faith is really about. Also the purpose about faith. She also shares her personal obstacles with her faith in God and how she overcome those obstacles through faith. In 2014, I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I also was facing on being homeless. I had lost my hope and faith in God that I wanted to end my life but by the Grace of God, I was able to checked myself into the hospital. I stayed in the hospital about two months. I felt worst during my hospital stay because of my mistreatment from the staff at the hospital. All I can mentioned that I wasn’t letting the enemy to destroy me or my faith in God. Everyday I read my bible in my hospital room. I spoken positivity into my life and put my faith into work (Action). The hospital social worker tried to send me to the homeless shelter but I told them I wasn’t going to no shelter. I also told them that God provided my destiny to live at my own place and not into the shelter system. I spoke existence to my life that God will provide me a place to stay even though I didn’t know if I was going to be homeless or not. I put my faith in God into work (Action). The Doctors and staff thought I was crazy but I show them I can advocate for myself and as of today I am staying with my baby sister until I get my own place. Also I am getting my life back in order because of my faith in Him.  Faith and Prayer without works is dead.

Sharlyne mentioned that Prayer and faith alone is not enough, Prayer and faith requires actions (works) on our part. The Lord wants us to go to the next level in our life but He can’t do it if we don’t get out of our comfort zone. Life is all about chances and risks. Just remember that we walk by faith and not by sight. My advice to the readers to enlarge their walk by faith is take the time on a daily basis to read the Word of God and to relate God’s word to yourself. According to our faith, let it be unto us by increasing our faith by the Word of God. I learn through my storms and illness that the problems I was dealing with to solve can turn into opportunities for success and making progress in my personal life. Because my faith is marvelous with God that I don’t allow anyone invite me to their self pity party or create me a self pity party. This book should be a must read for anyone that don’t how to put their faith into works or for those individuals thinking about giving up on faith, hope, prayer and love. Thank you Sharlyne  C.Thomas for allowing God to guide the pen to create this sermon “How Great Is Your Faith” through your writings. I pray that Somebody will be touched by reading this book and enlarging their Faith in God.


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