The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Title: The Resolution Roadmap– The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions  

Author: Marjory Harris

Publisher:  Marjory Harris

Number of Pages: 24 pages



About The Author:      

Marjory Harris finds problem solving fascinating, as long as it does not involve math. She got her first self-help book, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, at age 10, after being bullied at summer camp. After graduating from Barnard College and getting a master’s degree in Italian Literature from Columbia University, she was in publishing in New York City and also did a stint as a social worker. While working on a doctorate in Italian Literature, she switched to law. Since 1974, she has been practicing law in California, while also writing articles and editing medical-legal magazines. She focused on practical problem solving and office efficiency. In the early 1990’s, after obtaining a master’s in psychology and studying hypnotherapy, Marjory developed Multidimensional Problem Solving to teach clients the techniques in The Personal Power Roadmap. A longtime resident of San Francisco, she moved from the fog to sunny Loma Linda, CA, where she practices law, writes books, and gardens.

About This Book:

 The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions Book Review:

As 2016 has come to the end, and 2017 is now here among us, this is the time when people are thinking about resolutions.. As I was planning my New Year Goals, my mind starts to wondering, “What are the goals will I am working for in 2017?” In spite of there’s a lot of widespread frame of reference for goal setting out there, I preferred a simple and effective approach. When I discover this book on Amazon, I knew “The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions” is the perfect book for me. Even though this is a short read but it speaks so much volume. Marjory Harris created an 8 simple steps format that is established on a drawn-out version of resourceful goals. “The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions” comes along with a free downloadable workbook remarkably that you can personalize and create your goals, challenges, and opportunities. This little manual compose all in one easy place all the templates you need to properly start your goals from the beginning to the end.I can say that “The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions” is definitely a powerful empowering book to help you to plan and stick to your resolutions. Set Your Resolutions The Right Way!, You can download these simple forms, answers the questions that the author have provided and finally you are on the right path toward bring to pass your goals. This book is a definitely must read for people who wants to be successful in life.

I have to admit that it can be tough to set a goal and stick with it. Often many individuals including myself fall off the wagon once and for a few days. Later on it feels like a hopeless task to start over again. But the amazing thing about “The Resolution Roadmap- The Effective New System For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions” presents a lots of practical advice for getting your goals off the ground. If you do fail once, you can start over again with this motivational book to create a course of action and continue to work on your New Year resolutions or goals. You will be able to set your resolutions the right way. Marjory Harris invest her time with the readers to share her own personal experiences for this in an easy-to-follow roadmap that I really appreciate it. Part of this motivational books also teaches you to declutter your space for organize a better business, Discover Your WHY, Create a stronger vision for a successful outcome, and tips on how to enlarge your success.
Again this is Definitely a need-to-read for people who are looking for a better way to plan their goals and take action.


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