Faith Without Works Is Dead:The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith

Title: Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith

Author: Lynn R. Davis

Number of Pages: 29 pages

ASIN:  B008F15KI8


About The Author:      


Bestselling Indie and Hybrid Author, Lynn R. Davis writes non-denominational inspirational, spiritual growth, and personal development nonfiction books. She enjoys uplifting readers and encouraging them to push past painful disappointments and onward to breakthrough and deliverance. Her negative self talk books continue to make a huge impact in the lives of readers around the world.

“God loves you unconditionally.” That is the most important message I will ever share. God’s love is the message that is close to my heart. Because He loved me in spite of some pretty hairy personal conditions. No matter where you are in life right now, there is hope.

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About This Book: 


This book is inspirational and motivational. You want to be a prayer warrior. You want get results. But something isn’t working. Even though you’ve prayed scripture and chosen your words wisely, you still aren’t getting results. The words you speak are vitally important. But so is the action that you take afterwards.

We all know, “Faith without works is dead,” but we too often forget that activating our faith requires a bit of action on our part. We have to do something.And its important that we do the right things.Quick and easy read. Inspiring pages of inspirational quotes, christian humor, and true personal testimonies. Learn from biblical examples how to pray and declare what God says and then get up and take action. Learn to replace your negative self-talk with positive Faith talk. Declare favor over your life and then get up and take hold of it! This book can be used as a daily devotional. It will help you focus your faith and take action to get results and change your life.

Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith Book Review:

“Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Power of Prayer Mixed With Demonstrations of Faith” is a powerful inspiration motivational book about faith. Lynn R. Davis presentation about faith provided enlightened word to the wise that compliment the pair about works and faith. Lynn R. Davis let the Holy Spirit to guide the messages in a written sermon to minister to the readers in the purpose to understands the meaning about Faith Without Works Is Dead. Already stated “Faith Without Works Is Dead” is one of those books that I found to be not a ‘to do’ list,  on the other hand it is supplementary a progressive “how to be” list that is established on well-constructed Christian principles. The wisdoms that Lynn shares with us are definitely well worthy spent time to read and can serve  as a beneficial means of self- examination on a daily basis.

Prayer and Faith goes together in our daily life. Faith is the key and Prayer is the door. Prayer is powerful but it won’t works alone. Things won’t happens with prayer by itself, we must get off our knee and put our prayer along with faith into actions (works) for that prayer to be answers. It takes faith a size of a mustard seed to guide us through. God will help those who are willing to help themselves. Prayer is our kingdom door and Faith is the holy key that will opens that door and we must have the courage to go through that door. It takes guts and determination to get that prayers to be answered. The purpose of prayer shouldn’t be for us to concentrate on ourselves and our problems but we should be thankful and shows our gratitude. Actually we should Praise Him In Advance through our prayers, our faith and in our praise unto Him. I recommend this book to every Christians and non-believers to have a better understanding about Faith and how to put that Faith into action. Thank You Lynn R. Davis for writing another great book to helps us to be stronger in our faith.


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