The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter

Title: The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter (Preacher’s Son, Maid’s Daughter Series) – CHRISTIAN SUSPENSE

Author: H.H. Fowler

Publisher: More Wind, More Fire Publishing (October 20, 2016)

Number of Pages: 150 pages

ASIN: B01M67795K (EBook)

About The Author:


H H Fowler is an Amazon Bestselling Author of more than 10 novels, including the Church Boyz and Church Gurlz series. He lives in the Bahamas and enjoys spending time with his family. Find out more about H H Fowler at

There are 20 things that Author H.H. Fowler wants his reader to know about his life.

1) Conceived in the chills of Switzerland, but Fowler’s parents journeyed back home to the Bahamas where he was born and reared a Caribbean product.

2) A cosmopolitan at heart, Fowler’s interest in the power of writing was ignited at the impressionable age of 13.

3) His first poem, inspired by his Literary teacher was published at age 14 by a recognized publishing company in Washington D.C.

4) Fowler plays both the piano and the drums.

5) Married since 2003 to the same woman. Together, they have one son and twin girls.

6) Loves to watch HGTV.

7) Worked in the banking system for over 12 years before venturing into writing full-time.

8) Did I mention that he is a full-time writer?

9) Agatha Christie, John Grisham and Jerry B. Jenkins are some of his favorite authors.

10) Youth leader at his church.

11) Graduated from college as the valedictorian and was selected to speak on behalf of the graduates.

12) Reads about three books a month. The remainder of the time is spent crafting his next bestselling novel.

13) Completed his first novel by the age of 21 (He was born in 1979, so you do the math).

14) More of an introvert, but very easy to make friends

15) He is a Christian and was raised in a Christian home.

16) Pasta, white rice and steamed pork chops are some of his favorite foods.

17) Dated his wife for six years before they were married.

18) Six years flew by before Fowler and his wife had their first child.

19) Imitation of Life is one of his favorite movies

20) Plans to write 100 novels before he retires.

About This Book:



When it comes to “falling in love,” you can’t help who you fall in love with. This is the sobering reality of Malik Harrington, the wealthy heir of a well-known preacher, who falls hard for Isabella Chavez, the stunning daughter of one of the hired help. But unbeknownst to Malik, Gina Wheaton, the main organist at his father’s church, is obsessed with becoming his wife to the point of seeking assistance from the “dark side.” Gina wants Malik and she will do whatever it takes to get him.

As if Malik doesn’t already face enough of a challenge trying to win the affections of Isabella, who insists on being rude to him and takes delight in mocking his privileged position, Malik’s mother, Esther Harrington, is overprotective and is in total disagreement with her son marrying anyone who is subservient to him. However, Malik knows that Isabella is right for him and is determined to beat the odds mounted against him. For he would rather live without the luxury of the Harrington name and all of the perks that comes with it, than live one moment without his beloved Isabella.

With so many obstacles to overcome, this budding connection between Malik and Isabella seems to be doomed before it even starts. The plot is interwoven with a supernatural theme – an intense fight between good and evil, which brings a fresh twist to the vivid scenes set in the Acadian Forest of Ivory Island.

The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter (Preacher’s Son, Maid’s Daughter Series) Book Review:

I purchased Mr. Fowler new release several months ago and I decided to start reading ” The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter” today and now I Can’t put it down until I finished this cliff-hanger!! Author H H Fowler has created the scene for this thought-provoking story on an island in the Bahamas, at that time populated it with some real live characters. Let’s takeoff with the Harringtons: a preacher who sleeps with his maid ‘Claudia’ right under his wife’s ‘Esther Harringtons’ nose. Despite the fact she is well aware of his infidelities, decide to stick around. When all is said and done Esther will plot her revenge… Or does she? H H Fowler really knows how to draw images into a story that will grabs your reflection and clench on direct after the story is make known. I can’t wait to read part 2 of this book. Remarkably, assuming that you’re like me including like an unusual plot with larger than life characters, get one’s hands on every title you can find with H H Fowler on the cover. You will not be unsatisfied. One and only existence I experienced from this story  absolutely bitterness is a forest fire. Esther let on the anger she had toward her husband to spiral out of control. Furthermore she was more concerned with the church than her own husband. I kept questioning myself while reading, when she intend to realize that her first ministry should be her family.  Bishop Frederick did have his faults and flaws, but neither of them desire to seek God about their marriage. They took matters into their own hands and others were mess up as a result of their sins. Satan is always looking for a crack in your armor and you can’t straddle the fence.The Preacher’s son and The Maid’s Daughter lets the readers to realize that Spiritual Warfare is evident. We should not concede the desires of your flesh to control you, or else you may find yourself playing in the Satan’s backyard. You may not be bothered with what happens to you as long as you get what you want. Thank God for the character of Mother Wendy, there should be more Christians like her. We as Christians should be like her. I know this series is going to be interesting because I read two series by this anointed gifted Author. He always makes his Characters believable. There are abounding truths that need to be uncovered, many deceptions need to be exposed and many lives need to be restored. With this Christian Suspense Narrative, my heart is still dashing and my mind simmer trying to figure out how all of this will be resolved.


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