Genna’s Fight: Will She Be Able To Discover Her True Self & Get Her Son Back In Time?

Title: Genna’s Fight: Will She Be Able To Discover Her True Self & Get Her Son Back In Time? – CHRISTIAN SUSPENSE

Author: Sheldon D. Newton

Publisher: A JCCMI Production; 1 edition (June 8, 2016)

Number of Pages: 232 pages

ASIN: B01GU9ODY8 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1533687676

ISBN-13: 978-1533687678

About The Author:

Sheldon D. Newton is a Number One best-selling author, teacher and international speaker, whose goal is to share with others their worth and value and how to embrace and fulfill their Divine purpose. For over thirty years Sheldon D. Newton is on a mission to share the foundational and practical keys to successful and victorious living, through the application of Biblical Truths which transforms lives. He is a noted author, and the senior pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries, located in Nassau, Bahamas. His teachings on Kingdom living and the power of prayer will ignite you and enable you to live effectively and produce results in your personal, family and professional life.
Sheldon is the author of many books, including the 30 day life-changing devotional, My Name is Jealous; the Number One best-selling, How To Pray & Get Results; How To Live The Christian Life Successfully….Victoriously; Diligence, The Master Key To Achieving Your Dreams;Genna’s Fight (A Novel), & Humility & the Honor Of God (which is hailed as a Christian Classic).
Sheldon lives in Nassau with his wife and two children.                

About This Book:

Genna’s Fight


“I am divorcing you Genna. You are leaving my house tonight, and you are leaving alone. You will not be taking Samuel with you. He is staying with me. You will not be carrying anything but the clothes on your back. You will not be taking the car because it is my car. I brought it. And now, I will need it for the next woman in my life. You will not be taking the jewelry I brought you, the clothes I brought you or the shoes I brought you. You will not be taking anything. You will be leaving me the way you were when I met you, with nothing. You are nothing and you will be taking nothing.” Genna was looking down because she could not face Tom. The years they had been together had been brutal on her part and the abused endured had literally made her feel worthless and vile in his eyes. Every word he was speaking was hitting her like an atomic bomb. The worst part was that she would not be taking her ten year old son, whom she had carried for eight and a half months and done her best to bring up, with her. Tom continued, “I have some papers for you to sign.” Pointing to the table near the door to their palatial home, he continued, “There are the divorce papers. And there are also papers to sign indicating to the judge that you do not want anything from me. The last set of papers releases my son, Sammy, into my care. You are a no-good woman and I cannot wait to get you out of here, and out of my sight for good. It was the worst twenty-two years of my life putting up with the likes of you. Good riddance. This is good bye.” After years of so much abuse, beatings and scorn that began from her child-hood and followed her into adult-hood, pushing her to the verge of suicide on more than one occasion, can Genna re-discover her true self, rise above her horrid past and regain all that she has lost, including her son? Grab your copy today and find out in ‘GENNA’S FIGHT’ (A Novel)

Genna’s Fight Book Review:

My thoughtfulness on this book “Genna’s Fight” written by Sheldon D. Newton is a well written story. From the first page of the story have truly captures my mind and kept me interested of every pages that I read. Because of that I didn’t want to put this book down.  Sheldon D. Newton makes sure that “Genna’s Fight” profoundly demonstrates by what method in the blink of an eye, God is able to take a dishearten circumstance and provide you attraction for ashes. This is a prerequisite read. This book is truly an absolutely mind captivating that can become into a blockbuster movie. With this awesome book that was well developed with great characters, I pray that this narrative will be discover by a film director/ maker like a Tyler Perry. I know they will If you are an individuals that may be struggling with an issue not even in the same category to what Genna went through. I truly believe that you can still relate and discover the strength to move forward. God never fail and not done with us. Furthermore, sometimes we are dealt with test though they be going to sometimes be difficult but we must fight. Caroline mentioned to Genna that she should remember her past but not condemn herself. On the other hand to become conscious of that if God could do what He did for you and things could change for you. Then things can also change for others. Things can be replaceable but life can’t. Remarkably  we shouldn’t treasure things above people. We need to be careful how we treat each other. Furthermore, even if you have to excuse yourself from some for your own safety or security, makes sure that you do it gracefully. There were a lot of life lessons from these characters who were dealing with domestic violence and how they empower each others. We can’t be rewarded if we do not first bring to maturity and be victorious to the other side better than we may have started.

This is an awesome book to read and hope that if one day finds its way in the hands of a film director/maker that they do the story line justice in making it a powerful movie. Mr. Sheldon truly has a gift from God and I pray much success in his future work.  We can’t be rewarded if we do not first complete and come through to the other side better than we may have started. From the beginning of this narrative, Genna will gets your thoughtfulness  and then retain it for the duration to the conclusion. And then you wonder what next? I was touched how Genna’s transition in distinction to that darkness into light!! God is extremely competently great!! Sheldon makes sure that this narrative to consider be a steadfast heart touching. Tremendous epilogue. Genna really pull through from her turbulence past in an amazing way. So reasonable, that we can get the picture what she was dealing with. This was definitely a beautifully written, and it didn’t seem like a  fiction story to be a story, but real life.,

The Lawyer’s Luck – A Home To Milford College Prequel N

Title: The Lawyer’s Luck – A Home To Milford College Prequel Novella

Author: Piper G. Huguley

Publisher: Liliaceae Publishers (June 25, 2014)

Number of Pages: 126 pages


ISBN-10: 1500417157

ISBN-13: 978-1500417154

About The Author:


Piper G Huguley, named 2015 Debut Author of the Year by Romance Slam Jam and Breakout Author of the Year by AAMBC, is a two-time Golden Heart ®finalist. and is the author of “Migrations of the Heart,” a three-book series of historical romances set in the early 20th century featuring African American characters, published by Samhain Publishing. Book #1 in the series, A Virtuous Ruby, won Best Historical of 2015 in the Swirl Awards. Book #3 in the series, A Treasure of Gold, was named by Romance Novels in Color as a Best Book of 2015 and received 4 ½ stars from RT Magazine.

Huguley is also the author of the “Home to Milford College” series. The series follows the building of a college from its founding in 1866. On release, the prequel novella to the “Home to Milford College” series, The Lawyer’s Luck, reached #1 Amazon Bestseller status on the African American Christian Fiction charts. Book #1 in the series, The Preacher’s Promise was named a top ten Historical Romance in Publisher’s Weekly by the esteemed historical romance author, Beverly Jenkins and received Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Contest of Self-Published e-books in 2015. Her new series “Born to Win Men” starts with A Champion’s Heart as Book #1. A Champion’s Heart was named by Sarah MacLean of The Washington Post as a best romance novel selection for December 2016. Piper Huguley blogs about the history behind her novels at

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son.

About This Book:


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Oberlin, Ohio – 1844

Lawrence Stewart is a rare man. Raised with his grandmother’s Miami Indian tribe, as a Negro he has consistently walked between two worlds most of his life. He devotes his time and study to becoming a lawyer, fully intending to obtain justice for the ousted Miami Indians. No Negro man has accomplished these things before, but he is not daunted. He studies for his exams as he rides circuit through the backwoods of Ohio, handing out justice to people who cannot easily reach a courthouse. His life is perfectly set until one June day. Aurelia “Realie” Baxter made her way from enslavement in Georgia to the free land Lake Huron in Ohio. Far from happy as a slave doing the bidding of a woman cooped up in a house all day, Realie is a bona fide tomboy with a special gift with horses. Now, she is so close to freedom in Canada, she can smell it, but her plans are interrupted when Lawrence shoots her…by mistake….
Lawrence cannot study encumbered with the care of an enslaved woman, but he’s responsible for her injury. Realie wants to get to Canada, but Lawrence won’t let her get away in trying to help her. One chance meeting can change your life from what you thought you wanted….to what you really need.

The Lawyer’s Luck Book Review:

Piper Huguley created and deliver a pleasurable story in the entire book “The Lawyer’s Luck”. One thing that amaze me was the fiction story in “The Lawyer’s Luck”. This was a great narration from the perspective of Aurelia “Realie” Baxter, a runaway slave, and Lawrence Stewart, a lawyer. Huguley achieve the pattern of two such disparate people, which deepens the characters. This narrative able to achieve the entertaining characters of Aurelia “Realie” Baxter , a self-confident escaped slave woman, and Lawrence Stewart, a newly educated lawyer, meeting under bizarre circumstances during a horrible time in our nation’s history.The drama bring to light in the wake of affecting veil of the slavery and get around about into all of us many-sided levels. The Character of Realie experiences a difficult time trusting anyone. As a consequence, she is set in her ways will to do whatever she able to get to freedom shines through. The Character of Lawrence is flawless as a man who walks into two worlds. As a consequence is apart from slavery on the other hand still affected by its discrimination. As a reader, you can really be fond of the complicated relationship between the Milfords as well. I really appreciate this Inspirational Historical Fiction Story . I also appreciate the ironies of slavery, freedom, North vs South, race relations, feminism, and personal identity that Piper Huguley comprised. There aren’t any limitation when it comes to any of those fundamental.  Piper Huguley doesn’t hold back from the meeting point of this time, earlier it manages to still give Realie and Lawrence a fascinating romance.The Christian fundamental are another incredible layer to the narrative, along with “The Lawyer’s Luck” absolutely doesn’t incline toward 20th & 21st century approach of the faith were form onto the past (an controversy I have with many Inspirational Historical Romance). Remarkably for those who are interested readers that commonly shy away from IHR, this is the narrative about two people who try their best to keep the faith in spite of the injustices and prejudices of their time. “The Lawyer’s Luck” is a marvelous prequel. I really loved the rapid momentum, realistic perspective of Lawrence and Realie. I love their comparison, their particularity, and even the things they are connected in characteristic. Piper Huguley allows the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to write this novella that provided an intriguing compassionate of the Mitford College series to follow.  In my opinion, “The Lawyer’s Luck” was a delightful read from Piper Huguley will truly definitely make her mark in the publishing industry. Author Huguley passionately brings to life the reality both of them must face to find their happy ending. I am looking forward to reading the full length novel in this series and more books by this gifted author.

Cold- Case Christianity

Title: Cold-Case Christianity – Historical Theology/Comparative Religion/Biblical History/Christian Books & Bibles 

Author: J Warner Wallace

Publisher: David Cook

Number of Pages: 288 pages

ASIN: B00A71Y7I8

ISBN-10: 1434704696

ISBN-13: 978-1434704696

About The Author:


J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker and author. J. Warner was a conscientious and vocal atheist through his undergraduate and graduate work in Design and Architecture (CSULB and UCLA); he always considered himself to be an “evidentialist”. His experience in law enforcement only served to strengthen his conviction that truth is tied directly to evidence. But at the age of thirty-five, J. Warner took a serious and expansive look at the evidence for the Christian Worldview and determined that Christianity was demonstrably true. After becoming a Christ follower in 1996, Jim continued to take an evidential approach to truth as he examined the Christian worldview. He eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

J. Warner served as a Youth Pastor for several years, then planted a church in 2006. Along the way, he created and built the Cold-Case Christianity website, blog and podcast as a place to post and talk about what he discovered related to the evidence supporting Christianity. Jim has appeared on television and radio, explaining the role that evidence plays in the Christian definition of “faith” and defending the historicity of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible and the truth of the Christian worldview. Jim also speaks at churches, retreats and camps as he seeks to help people become confident Christian case makers.

J. Warner’s professional investigative work has received national recognition; his cases have been featured repeatedly on NBC’s Dateline, and he’s been awarded the Police and Fire Medal of Valor “Sustained Superiority” Award. Relying on over two decades of investigative experience, J. Warner provides his readers with the tools they will need to investigate the claims of Christianity and make a convincing case for the truth of the Christian worldview.

About This Book:




Written by an L. A. County homicide detective and former atheist, Cold-Case Christianity examines the claims of the New Testament using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator. Christianity could be defined as a “cold case”: it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity. A unique apologetic that speaks to readers’ intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity.

Cold-Case Christianity Book Review:

Let me refrain from  the preliminary here and just share my review: “Cold-Case Christianity” is the beyond compare in anticipation of apologetics book in regards to the commemorate of the Gospels I have ever read. If you are looking for a book in that area, then you need to read “Cold-Case Christianity”. If you are not looking for a book in that area, still purchase and read “Cold-Case Christianity” anyway because it is a great book that can empower growth in your Christian walk. Here and Now, lets get to the details.

Cold-Christianity” draws a picture in an image of an investigative journey through Christian ancient times. From what source did we get the Gospels? Can we really trust them? Do we know who was Jesus? Do we have knowledge anything about Him? As yet the approach that Wallace drawing near this question will draw even individuals who really doesn’t care about the particular topics into the mystery. In the process of a cold-case homicide detective, Wallace approaches these questions with an eye of a detective, take advantage of his extensive knowledge of the gathering and evaluation of evidence to investigate Christianity forensically.

He bring to pass the work with a section on method. He pick an argument that we must learn to acknowledge our hypothesis and be aware of them although we begin an investigation. Like the detective who walks into a crime scene with a suspicious notion of how the murder played out, we can conveniently fall into the trap of using our apprehension about a legitimacy claim to color our investigation of the evidence for that claim. Research to infer is another vastly important piece of the investigation. People must be taught to distinguish between the “imaginable” and the “objective” . This awakening to “addictive exposition” is presented in corresponding a way as to make it comprehensible for those unfamiliar with even the term, while also serving as great discipline on how to teach others to reason for those involved in apologetics.

In my opinion, I truly found Chapter 3, “Think Circumstantially” is perhaps the fundamental chapter for “Cold-Case Christianity”. Wallace’s annotation so what is necessary in order to present evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” is not automatically “direct evidence.” In order that is direct evidence, the type of evidence which can demonstrate something all by itself (ex. waking up and watching snow fallen outside as formation for it actually snowing) is recurrently thought of to abide the common for the truth. Thus far assuming that this were the common for the truth, at that point we would by no means be able to be convinced of anything. The main point is to have the understanding that a representation of out-of-the-way evidences can add up to make the caseA perfect example, if a person who is a suspect in a murder is recognized to have possessions of the victim’s key, smudge spruce up pants (questionable blood stains), tested the height and weight in which a witness saw leaving from the crime scene, has boots that matched the description, was nervous during the interview and changed his story, has a hammer (hammer was the murder weapon) which has also been bloody and cracked, and the like, these can add up to a very compelling case. In general, one of these evidences would not lead one to say they could logically determine if the man was the murderer, although supplementary together they can provide a case which pushes the case beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was the murderer.

In a similar way, the documentation for the presence of God can add up to a compelling case for the God of humanistic conviction. Wallace then turns to audit a number of these arguments, in conjunction with the moral, cosmological, fine-tuning, and design controversy. These are each touched on to sum things up, as a kind of preliminary to take under advisement when turning to the case for the Gospels. Not to mention, the notion of “circumstantial” or “cumulative” case debate hints towards the capacity to explore the Bible and the Gospels to see if they are true.

Wallace then turns to review the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John in hardly enough of what he has experienced as a detective. He appropriate forensic statement analysis as well as a statistic of other means by which to investigate witnesses and eyewitness reports to determine whether the Gospels conceivably trusted. He starts with the Book of Mark and makes a disagreement that Mark had firsthand contact with Peter, one of the Disciples and an Apostle. He display how we lie in one’s power to search for. Along with find “artifacts” textual additions that were late into the accounts of the Gospels. None of these are miscalculation, as a result of we know about them by investigating the evidence we have from the manuscript tradition. By molding the puzzle of the evidences for the Gospels, we outline an intact picture of Christ.

It is clear to get engaged in “conspiracy theory” types of explanations for the events in the Bible. People dispute that all kinds of different explanations are possible. Thus far, Wallace report again that there is a difference between possible and reasonable. Matter-of-factly throwing out possible scenarios does nothing to sabotage the truth claims of the Gospels if the Gospels’ own account is expand reasonable.

Sure-enough the important part of “Cold-Case Christianity” is the notion that we make the grade tracing back the “chain of custody” of the Gospels. Beyond arguing that we are able to see how the New Testament was passed approvals from one eyewitness to disciple to disciple and so on, Wallace dispute that conspiracy assumption which argue the Gospel stories were made up have a much less reasonable explanation than that they are primary accounts of what happened. Substantial of the information in these chapters is compelling and express on knowledge of the Apostles’ and their disciples. It therefore provides a great basic principles to church history.

Wallace produce a number of other illustration and evidences from the New Testament. without exception of these can be challenged individually, however to do so would be to miss the forest for the trees.

All of these illustration are highlighted by world of nature stories from Wallace’s Career as a detective. I believe that readers and even those who are belligerent to Christianity will be drawn in by these illustration. It makes reading “Cold-Case Christianity” similar to reading a thriller/suspense/mystery novel, corresponding that readers like myself will not stop reading. Considering for a example, just as looking at characteristic between possible/reasonable, he account a lengthy illustration of discovering a dead body and eliminating various explanations for the cause of death through observations like “having a knife in the back” as making it much less probable that accidental death is a reasonable explanation, despite being possible.

“Cold-Case Christianity”
is also has several of other helpful tools for those interested in seeking more knowledge. There are reaction with additional enlightenment and explanations, as well as notes from various court cases or law books that explain some of the headier material.

Broad in content, “Cold-Case Christianity” is the beyond compare opening remarks to the commemorate of the Gospels I have ever read. I matter-of-factly cannot recommend it highly enough. Wallace’s discussions about the evidence in an engaging manner and utilizes a particular approach that will cause even impartial readers to continue reading, just to see what he talking about next. I am not exaggerating when I say that this “Cold-Case Christianity” is a absolute must read for everyone. I will definitely going to read this book again part of my devotional reading. I will be reading more works from this Author.