Genna’s Fight: Will She Be Able To Discover Her True Self & Get Her Son Back In Time?

Title: Genna’s Fight: Will She Be Able To Discover Her True Self & Get Her Son Back In Time? – CHRISTIAN SUSPENSE

Author: Sheldon D. Newton

Publisher: A JCCMI Production; 1 edition (June 8, 2016)

Number of Pages: 232 pages

ASIN: B01GU9ODY8 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1533687676

ISBN-13: 978-1533687678

About The Author:

Sheldon D. Newton is a Number One best-selling author, teacher and international speaker, whose goal is to share with others their worth and value and how to embrace and fulfill their Divine purpose. For over thirty years Sheldon D. Newton is on a mission to share the foundational and practical keys to successful and victorious living, through the application of Biblical Truths which transforms lives. He is a noted author, and the senior pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries, located in Nassau, Bahamas. His teachings on Kingdom living and the power of prayer will ignite you and enable you to live effectively and produce results in your personal, family and professional life.
Sheldon is the author of many books, including the 30 day life-changing devotional, My Name is Jealous; the Number One best-selling, How To Pray & Get Results; How To Live The Christian Life Successfully….Victoriously; Diligence, The Master Key To Achieving Your Dreams;Genna’s Fight (A Novel), & Humility & the Honor Of God (which is hailed as a Christian Classic).
Sheldon lives in Nassau with his wife and two children.                

About This Book:

Genna’s Fight


“I am divorcing you Genna. You are leaving my house tonight, and you are leaving alone. You will not be taking Samuel with you. He is staying with me. You will not be carrying anything but the clothes on your back. You will not be taking the car because it is my car. I brought it. And now, I will need it for the next woman in my life. You will not be taking the jewelry I brought you, the clothes I brought you or the shoes I brought you. You will not be taking anything. You will be leaving me the way you were when I met you, with nothing. You are nothing and you will be taking nothing.” Genna was looking down because she could not face Tom. The years they had been together had been brutal on her part and the abused endured had literally made her feel worthless and vile in his eyes. Every word he was speaking was hitting her like an atomic bomb. The worst part was that she would not be taking her ten year old son, whom she had carried for eight and a half months and done her best to bring up, with her. Tom continued, “I have some papers for you to sign.” Pointing to the table near the door to their palatial home, he continued, “There are the divorce papers. And there are also papers to sign indicating to the judge that you do not want anything from me. The last set of papers releases my son, Sammy, into my care. You are a no-good woman and I cannot wait to get you out of here, and out of my sight for good. It was the worst twenty-two years of my life putting up with the likes of you. Good riddance. This is good bye.” After years of so much abuse, beatings and scorn that began from her child-hood and followed her into adult-hood, pushing her to the verge of suicide on more than one occasion, can Genna re-discover her true self, rise above her horrid past and regain all that she has lost, including her son? Grab your copy today and find out in ‘GENNA’S FIGHT’ (A Novel)

Genna’s Fight Book Review:

My thoughtfulness on this book “Genna’s Fight” written by Sheldon D. Newton is a well written story. From the first page of the story have truly captures my mind and kept me interested of every pages that I read. Because of that I didn’t want to put this book down.  Sheldon D. Newton makes sure that “Genna’s Fight” profoundly demonstrates by what method in the blink of an eye, God is able to take a dishearten circumstance and provide you attraction for ashes. This is a prerequisite read. This book is truly an absolutely mind captivating that can become into a blockbuster movie. With this awesome book that was well developed with great characters, I pray that this narrative will be discover by a film director/ maker like a Tyler Perry. I know they will If you are an individuals that may be struggling with an issue not even in the same category to what Genna went through. I truly believe that you can still relate and discover the strength to move forward. God never fail and not done with us. Furthermore, sometimes we are dealt with test though they be going to sometimes be difficult but we must fight. Caroline mentioned to Genna that she should remember her past but not condemn herself. On the other hand to become conscious of that if God could do what He did for you and things could change for you. Then things can also change for others. Things can be replaceable but life can’t. Remarkably  we shouldn’t treasure things above people. We need to be careful how we treat each other. Furthermore, even if you have to excuse yourself from some for your own safety or security, makes sure that you do it gracefully. There were a lot of life lessons from these characters who were dealing with domestic violence and how they empower each others. We can’t be rewarded if we do not first bring to maturity and be victorious to the other side better than we may have started.

This is an awesome book to read and hope that if one day finds its way in the hands of a film director/maker that they do the story line justice in making it a powerful movie. Mr. Sheldon truly has a gift from God and I pray much success in his future work.  We can’t be rewarded if we do not first complete and come through to the other side better than we may have started. From the beginning of this narrative, Genna will gets your thoughtfulness  and then retain it for the duration to the conclusion. And then you wonder what next? I was touched how Genna’s transition in distinction to that darkness into light!! God is extremely competently great!! Sheldon makes sure that this narrative to consider be a steadfast heart touching. Tremendous epilogue. Genna really pull through from her turbulence past in an amazing way. So reasonable, that we can get the picture what she was dealing with. This was definitely a beautifully written, and it didn’t seem like a  fiction story to be a story, but real life.,


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