Faces Around The Cross

Title: Faces Around The Cross – Lenten Devotional/Christian Living/Worship & Devotions/Christian Books & Bibles/ Spiritual Growth

Author: Dr. Ray Pritchard

Publisher: Gideon House Books (February 10, 2017)

Number of Pages: 192 pages



About The Author:

Dr. Ray Pritchard serves as president of Keep Believing Ministries. He has ministered extensively overseas in China, Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay, Belize, Haiti, Nigeria, Switzerland, Russia, India and Nepal. He serves as a regular co-host on “Today’s Issues” on the American Family Network. He has written 27 books, including Stealth Attack, Fire and Rain, The Healing Power of Forgiveness, An Anchor for the Soul, The Incredible Journey of Faith, The ABCs of Wisdom, Leadership Lessons of Jesus (with Bob Briner), Why Did This Happen to Me?, and Credo: Believing in Something to Die For. For 26 years he pastored churches in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. He is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and Talbot School of Theology (D.Min.). He has been married to Marlene for 39 years. Their three sons (Josh, Mark and Nick) have spent time in recent years teaching English in China. Josh and Leah were married in July 2006. They have one son (Knox) and a daughter on the way. Mark and Vanessa were married in July 2007. They have two children (Eli and Penelope). His hobbies include biking, surfing the Internet, and anything related to the Civil War.


About This Book:


A beloved spiritual asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” No, we weren’t there, but we have the next best thing. We have the stories of those who were there when Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time. We know who they were, what they said, what they did, and in many cases, we know why they did it. Ray Pritchard leads us on the journey that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Along the way, he introduces us to the many faces around the cross. Expand your faith and increase your joy by joining us on this Lenten journey.

Faces Around The Cross Book Review:

I’m always looking for books such as devotional and Inspirational Motivational books to reads in my spare time to feed my mind. Ray Pritchard allow the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to create this short Lenten devotional “Faces Around The Cross”. Ray writes as if you are listening to a Sermon in Church. His writing also reminds me of having a conversation with someone. This Lenten Devotional is really simple to grasp but he provides a bunch of real substantial heart challenging authenticity with each chapter. This has upstanding theology that intent to lead people to Jesus but in a way that is real for the world we live in. “Faces Around The Cross” is a great gift for individuals that you know will appreciate in reading a great devotional. This is also a great discussion in Bible Study or Christian Book Clubs. I found Dr. Ray Pritchard as an inspirational writer and Man of God spreading the Word of God. Since this is the seasons of Holy Week including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter or Resurrection Sunday, “Faces Around The Cross” is the perfect time to read this lent devotional for a better understanding about the cross. This Lenten devotional is very encouraging and uplifting. After all Jesus Paid it All. Jesus sacrificed His life by paid the debt that He didn’t even owed. He paid the debt for us because He knew we couldn’t afford to paid. “Faces Around The Cross” makes the Gospel come to existence in a way that average individuals like myself will comprehensively understands. I constantly look forward to read something that based on the Advent or the Lenten seasons of our faith. “Faces Around The Cross” is now my favorites devotional to read. I will definitely read this every lent seasons so I get a new understandings. I have really loved reading about the people that surrounded this monumental event that saved a wretch like me. That was His Amazing Grace. Jesus Paid It All! At the end of each devotional there is a Christian songs that you can click on the link and listen to those songs. When I listen to CeCe Winans’ song “Alabaster Box” that I couldn’t hold my tears when I read about Mary. Ray Pritchard’s book “Faces Around The Cross”, his teachings, his humbleness, and the love that he have for individuals are absolutely a blessings. Reading the story from the individuals that surrounded this monumental event is a great lenten resource that will bless the readers. This Great Lenten Resource is a great reflections as we remember and adoration for the King. The reasons for that because all Jesus Christ did to save us by His death and resurrection.

I found “Faces Around The Cross” to be an outstanding comprehension into the true definition of Lent. As I already stated about the Music featured in this devotional provides a consequential independent worship experience. This is a tremendous way to prepare for Resurrection Sunday by reading and meditate on the actual stories of life of our Savior, Jesus Christ the Precious King. Ray Pritchard did an awesome tasks of making these stories so essential. In my personal opinion, you as the readers will find “Faces Around The Cross” a great simple reading for the Lenten season. Thought provoking and will makes you reflect how God used everyone differently for His purpose. This Lenten Devotional is very empower to read and hear about different people who were there at the time of Jesus’ ministry and momentous trial and crucifixion. Ray Pritchard has a prolific and exclusive way of examine behind the scenes. As a result, we can truly experience emotions, motives, and perspectives that we repeatedly miss in our own meditations of these scriptures. This Lenten Devotional will keeps us in harmony with the events leading to the Cross. I am so glad that Ray Pritchard took the time to share his diligent work which that the readers including me can only benefit by. Even though this was a short read yet it was an insightful new glimpse at the different individuals around Christ as he nears the Cross with personal applications and links to christian songs. This is a totally devotion to start your day and put the focus on the seasons of Lent. I believe that teenagers will get knowledge from reading “Faces Around The Cross.” This remind me a trip in a time machine back to Biblical times. This book will be appreciated by seasons Christians and as well for New Birth Christians. Just like me, this devotional will empower you to be prepare for Holy Week and focus on the sacrifice that Jesus has done for us. I highly recommend everyone to add “Faces Around the Cross’ not only to add to your Library but make time to read and study it. I promised that if you do then you will get a better understanding about the Lenten Seasons.

The Great Thirst: Prepared: An Archaeological Mystery

Title: The Great Thirst Part One: Prepared: an Archaeological Mystery (The Great Thirst Archaeological Mystery Serial Book 1)

Author: Mary C. Findley

Publisher:Findley Family Video (February 20, 2015)

Number of Pages: 116


ISBN-10: 1515258394

ISBN-13: 978-1515258391

About The Book:



Small town science teacher Keith Bradley climbs into a red Tesla with English teacher Talia Ramin for the field trip of a lifetime. At stake is a missing copy of the Scriptures on gold tablets. At risk is the trust of an ancient order sworn to keep the tablets safe.

Talia’s archaeologist aunt and uncle may have lost their last clue to artifact thieves. A government ultimatum might undo every lesson they have taught their students about keeping the Word safe.

from Chapter Eighteen – “Are You So Selfish?”

“What?” Keith jumped up. “What are you saying? We’re supposed to take the kids’ Bibles away from them? Their prayer journals? Their memory cards?”

“There’s no need to be defensive.” Doctor Williams glared up at him. “Please be seated. You will only be borrowing them, to get them scanned. And we want materials from everyone in the community. Parents, grandparents, ministers – Anyone who studies the Bible. Don’t you see? This will become a resource people all over the world can use, for all time. Mr. Bradley, your prayers, your thoughts, your study of the Bible could teach someone in Thailand, Mali, Alaska – someone in a spaceship traveling to Mars – these insights will become eternal.”

“But it’s voluntary, right?” Talia asked. “People don’t have to give us their Bibles, do they?”

“This program fails if it doesn’t accomplish the critical goal of gathering all the possible data,” Doctor Williams insisted.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘this program fails’?” Keith’s dad demanded.

“It doesn’t fulfill the requirements,” Doctor Williams said. “It doesn’t qualify for the grants.”

“You mean we lose everything we’ve gotten from implementing the Bible as Literature program?” Principal Bradley choked.

“Really, there’s nothing scary or unreasonable being asked for here. Are your Bible studies secret? Why does the idea of sharing them with the world disturb you? Are you that selfish?”

The Great Thirst Book Review:

This is the first novel I have read of Findley’s, “The Great Thirst : Prepared”. The Great Thirst: Prepared”  was supposed to one full-length work, but Findley decided to break it up into three novels. This action by Mary C. Findley has one very delightful effect and that is to what your appetite more than enough for the next instalment. I really enjoyed this great Christian Novel that accompanied with an Archaeological Mystery. What caught my attention was the subject matter, a missing copy of the Scriptures on gold tablets and the quest by those in the know to find and protect it. This set in motion for me with a theme of mystery, suspense, intrigue, good versus evil, spiritual warfare and a motive to show the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what the Gospels means for all mankind. So I am passionate about The Great Thirst Archaeological Mystery Series. Findley prosperously hides in plain sight the main character, Talia Ramin, as the new English Literature teacher. Findley also has Talia teach a subject as Bible as literature as a sub-plot and this implement much spiritual aspects in this novel, as Talia explains, “…..we will not just be explaining how ancient literature compares to the Bible. We are going to get the knack of how to be discerning about ancient writings-how to tell the truth from error in what’s being taught by historians, archeologists. This course will prepare you to know truth when you see it.” Findley then implement more sub-plots with romance between Talia and Keith, Talia having a unique connection with Keith’s disabled sister. Then there is the hints to Talia’s past, Talia talking out loud while she is alone about protecting her identity and her true purpose, a Sprinter van that is trying to scare and scare her. Reason unexplained, but adds to the mystery and intrigue about her past and the link between this and the search for the missing Scripture scrolls.

This is a simple read and very entertaining. It is in a groove for young adult and I can see them enjoying this, including readers like me who isn’t a young adult although that still resides in me! Discovering some of Findley’s background for teaching and evangelising the message of the Gospel, I can visions her including some wonderful teaching moments while still making it very entertaining without being preachy. Youth love being taught when it is fun so she has a wonderful platform here for this. I can truly see that “The Great Thirst”  is one very promising series and I am very much looking forward to the complete package. A Fun, Entertaining Christian Novels that is Full of Mystery and Intrigue Concerning The Bible. This was an exceptional, expeditious read. The only thing I didn’t care for “The Great Thirst”  was the ending. I found it wasn’t very pleasant because there was no conclusion to the conflict at hand. Other than that, I loved it! Findley expertly construct valid Bible teachings and plot together in a wonderful harmony that is sure to please readers that appreciated the scriptures of the Bible.

After reading this Christian Book, I felt that I’d gain many knowledges from many valid truths, and her scriptural knowledge was quite well-informed. Mary either went to a theologian in the writing of “The Great Thirst” or is a long time Bible Study Student. I found the Character of Keith and Talia to be very engaging characters as well. We’re left fascinated if there is yet any romance to come between those two. (My assumption is that it will come about in one of the sequels). If you have someone who is curious about Jesus or Christianity, this would be a great fictional story to pass along to them to nurture them into an abounding awareness of faith and what it means to be a Christian. I’ve truly believed that this Christian novel is Highly entertaining and enlightening at the same time, it is so deep into the scriptures that you’ll find this book a great joy to read. I’d recommend this book to both saved and unsaved people alike. I Love the archeological dimension. Extremely interesting. Challenged me to remember to live my life so that Christ’s love can be seen through my character. Just think about it , The Power of Your Testimony is how you treat each others. This truly a Christian Novel that is tremendous, bible based and unique all in once. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in The Great Thirst Archaeological Mystery Series. This is a winner of a Christian Series with great characters that even this book is focus about archaeological mystery but it is blend with bible principles. This is another way to be introduced to Christ or having a better understanding about the Word of God by reading this great read.

Who Cares What People Think anyway?: Breaking Free From The bondage Of Other People’s Opinions

Title: Who Cares What People Think anyway?: Breaking Free From The bondage Of Other People’s Opinions – Self Help/Inspirational Motivational

Author: Lynn R Davis

Publisher: Lynn R. Davis

Number of Pages: 21 pages



About The Author:

Bestselling Indie and Hybrid Author, Lynn R. Davis writes non-denominational inspirational, spiritual growth, and personal development nonfiction books. She enjoys uplifting readers and encouraging them to push past painful disappointments and onward to breakthrough and deliverance. Her negative self talk books continue to make a huge impact in the lives of readers around the world. “God loves you so unconditionally.” That is the most important message I will ever share. God’s love is the message that is close to my heart. Because He loved me in spite of some pretty hairy personal conditions. No matter where you are in life right now, there is hope. Share your favorite quotes or just say, “hello” on

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DeliverMeFromNegativeSelfTalk

My Blog: lynnrdavis.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavisLynnR


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About This Book:


Stop caring what others think. If God be for us whose opinions can be against us? (Romans 8:31). Stressing over other people’s opinions of you? You are not alone. Many of us struggle with worrying about what others think. . Life-changing transformation cannot take place unless we choose to stop worrying about what other people think of us. (7000 words)


Who Cares What People Think anyway?: Breaking Free From The bondage Of Other People’s Opinions Book Review:

Another Great Empower Motivational Book by Lynn R Davis. I can relate in this book “Who Cares What People Think Anyway? Breaking Free From The bondage of Other People’s Opinions”. The purpose of Lynn R Davis of minister this message to the readers through her writing is to share her personal struggles of dealing with opinions of individuals. She shows the steps about how to overcome those negative opinions from others. From my own experiences of my struggles of what others thinking about me got me so depressed that I end up being hospitalized from depression and anxiety. It got so bad that I didn’t want to live any longer. I lost my appetite. I couldn’t sleep at all. I was angry a lot. I lost a lot of weight that I look like death. Stress is a silent killer. If I didn’t seek medical help, most likely I would not be here today. I thought I lost my faith but I was able to read the Word of God to help overcome my depression. I was able to advocate for myself when the doctor, nurse and social worker tried their best to keep me down. I also was able to speak life and start walking in victory. After my hospital stay I decided to get rid off dead weight from my so called friends. As of today I don’t let other people’s opinions or them talking behind my back to interrupt my destiny that God have for me. No man can’t shut any doors that God provided for me. Actually I thank God for my haters today because they keep me so motivated to keep striving for my success and make a liar out of them. So the lessons I want to share for those who are reading this review, By Distress over somebody’s opinion can keep you in bondages. It just having chains of fear on your body that is keeping you from moving forward. Rememeber they aren’t telling your story but their owns.

The Life Lessons from This book for us, If we are going to have a touch into a power higher than our own physical self. Just being in denial about how we feel isn’t going to help. We have to go deeper within ourselves. We have to find the honest truth why we allow ourselves to worry what people think of us. From my own experience in 2014, I used to allow myself to worry about what others think about me. I was even try to impress them. I remember when I published my book that many individuals including some family members criticized me for writing a book. They were telling me that I was lazy. I wasn’t going make any money. Nobody don’t want to buy your book. They assume that I was only wanted to be an author. I was so angry that it caused me to have a mental break down and anxiety attack. I have to be hospitalized for depression and anxiety for two months. After my hospital stay and my journey of recovery, As of today I am more focused on the God that are in me than putting the focused only on me without Him. By faith, I am more confident in the process of what God can accomplish through those abilities. I remain focused on the image of God. My freedom is in the image of God. My power is in the image of God. My Creativity is in the image of God. My self worth is in the image of God. My unconditional love is in the image of God and not in other people’s opinion. I don’t care what other people think of me. You too shouldn’t allow yourself to care what other people think of you. In the image of God you are Kings and Queens. God see something great in you but it is up to you. That is the greatest and powerful image that can put some revival in us. Revival from God represents change. We must be that Change for new things will happen.

Lord, Deliver Me from Church Folks (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)

Title: Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks

Author: Brian Ganges

Publisher: A JCCMI Production; 1 edition (June 8, 2016)

Number of Pages: 370 pages

ASIN: B00F6K25S4 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0985076399

ISBN-13: 978-0985076399

About The Author:

The Author – Brian Ganges co-authored the award-winning anthology entitled, The Soul of a Man, and wrote two solo projects entitled, Piecing the Puzzle Together (for which he was nominated as one of the African American Literary Award Show’s 2010 Breakout Author of the Year) and Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks. Brian has toured and held book signings in many parts of the United States. His writings cover a myriad of topics, such as: Biblical doctrine, politics, social issues, economics, and much more.

The Mentor – Brian Ganges reaches out to the youth with common sense, honesty, and real-life conversations and scenarios that help young people put their present and their future into clearer focus. Young people are hungry for truth, not just talk. So through mentorship via relationship, Brian reaches out to those around him.

The Entrepreneur – Brian Ganges started “The Construction Initiative, LLC” (TCI) to help expose young students to the corporate side of construction. Many students have seen a project under construction, but few have considered what it takes for a construction project to go from a conceptual form to the groundbreaking ceremony. At TCI, students are taught how to read blueprints, how to figure cost estimates, and the best practices for real-life construction application. Our goal is to prepare our students to be equipped to be productive members of society in a very competitive economy.

The Consultant – Brian Ganges provides consulting services, through TCI, to existing companies looking to become more streamline and efficient. Brian has also consulted with church leaders, aspirant politicians, authors, and business owners about marketing, business principles, and leadership lessons


The Speaker – Brian Ganges has spoken at churches, political functions, and schools to provide inspiration, encouragement, and to reinforce the Biblical principles that Jesus Christ taught and exemplified


Brian is available for your next speaking engagement, book event/ signing, or interview. If you would like to schedule Brian, or send a general inquiry, please send an email to: brian@brianganges.com. Brian is looks forward to hearing from you!

Other Brian Ganges sites:



About This Book:

This is the book your pastor does not want you to read. For too long, Church folks have taken the words of their favorite preachers, and blindly followed the beliefs of others,without thoroughly studying the Word for themselves. People have hinged their faith, not upon the Word of God, but upon the words and interpretations of man that have little, if any, backing in Scripture. Entrusting how you live your life, and what you will be held accountable for before God, is not something that should be left to chance based upon another’s interpretation. It should be grounded solely on a personal relationship with God and a foundation rooted in Biblical teaching. How you view: tithing, suicide, gay marriage, pornography, political issues, communion, speaking in tongues, smoking, drinking, gambling, and other things, should be guided solely based on the Word of God. In Lord Deliver Me From Church Folks, Brian Ganges boldly challenges you to take a second look at everyday issues from the standpoint of Biblical teaching vs. the teaching of Man. Through thought provoking illustrations, supported by corresponding Scripture, Mr. Ganges is the spiritual conductor along a journey of educating what the Word of the Lord says concerning how to be free from the bondage of the traditions of man.


Lord Deliver Me From Church Folks Book Review:

From beginning to end I really enjoyed Brian Ganges’ book “Lord Deliver Me From Church Folks” and improve my mind from this great read. Brian created a spectacular title for this book is a sermon by itself. Brian express his concerns with the Christian Community about the problems of Church Folks. Biblical issue were mentioned a lot in this book. What I got from the message that Brian try to minister to those who are reading this book. The perception of manifestation lies at the compassion of the Christian Faith. We as Christian have no doubt that God has uniquely revealed Himself to humanity in the scene of human ancient times. We as Christians do not believe that we seek God and then find Him. We place confidence in that God chose to reveal Himself to His Children (us). Our Belief is responses to the self- disclosure in history of God.

It is important here to note that the content of revelation is not information or data, but God Himself (or, in philosophical categories, knowledge about God, although I would prefer to leave God as the subject of revelation rather than its object, or to leave it in relational categories rather than ontological ones). That is, it is a self-revelation, or self-disclosure, not revelation about things or ideas. Much of the early church following Augustine, who was himself influenced by neo-Platonic idealistic philosophy that saw the world in terms of absolute ideas, understood all knowledge to be revealed by God. This contrasted to Aristotle who held that some knowledge can be apprehended by the senses, as we do now in scientific research (interestingly enough, this was a view shared by the Israelites in the OT Wisdom traditions, for example Proverbs).

The idea that all knowledge about everything comes by revelation from God has made its way in various forms even into modern thinking. Usually this has been through religious traditions that use the sovereignty of God as a primary theological category. This has relevance in how we think about Scriptures, because some adopt this view in relation to the Bible and see Scripture itself as direct revelation by God covering all knowledge and all data. Scripture is seen in this view in absolute categories. It is from this perspective that the terms inerrant and infallible are most often used to describe Scripture a biblical issue and I appreciated the way he walked through his views and so I decided to purchase his book. It is written as a collection of letters and addresses a wide variety of topics and his stances are backed up with scripture. I gained a lot of new insight into the teachings from the word of God and appreciate the hard work Brian put in to lovingly teach others with support from God’s word. I highly recommend. There are  Plenty of great discussion on doctrine, backed up with scripture.

As a TRUTH seeker, I was very pleased when I read Lord, Deliver Me from Church Folks. My spiritual journey has taken me to many churches and I’ve been involved in many faiths as I searched for true knowledge however; I was also left with many questions when comparing church doctrine vs. The Scriptures. I found that many “religions” heavily incorporated traditions into the church body rather than deeply searching the Word of God. Because of my experiences, I was quite surprised when I read Brian’s book. He touched on subjects that many church going people would probably never be so bold to ask. He also clarified many traditional points that I believe we all need to look at and then examine for ourselves. The best part of the book is that every subject that he tackles he BACKS UP WITH SCRIPTURE. No matter what your kind of “Christianity” is, I think this book is one that you should read, search the scriptures and then take an accounting of he things you’ve done in the past simply because the head of your church said you should rather than you, yourself, looking to see what God himself asked of you. I highly recommend this book if you are someone who claims to follow or tries to follow Jesus and I applaud Brian for being so bold in writing this book and touching on subjects that MUST be faced. I must say that i had the privilege of reading Brian’s book and from start to finish, it was absolutely amazing. I found it very unique from the onset how Brian’s setup of the book was along the same lines as the epistles that were written by the New Testament writers. Not in book format, but each chapter designed like a personal letter to the reader. I must say that each chapter, or letter, is a hard hitting, thought provoking assessment on the current order of church and a rally to rethink some of those assessments. Brian has a unique, and often humorous way of driving his points home to the reader, and the most important aspect, BRIAN USES SCRIPTURE….in context and with proper exegesis. I would recommend this book to anyone that is not only concerned about the current state of the church, but also to see if their personal beliefs are lining up with the Word of God, or their favorite preacher!