Soul Cry


Title: Soul Cry

Author: Oliva Shaw

Publisher: Kindred Soul

Number of Pages: 222


About The Author:

Best-selling Author, Oliva Shaw (Reel) began writing short stories at the age of 7 and by the time she turned 9, had already written a full length novel. Now at 26, Oliva has as Staff Writers and editor at various magazines, blogs, and entertain readers through her unique style of writing. In February 2016, she was signed to an exclusive book deal with Kindred Soul Publications, and her first book series, Andrue and S’mores: An urban Love Affair was later released. Since then she had written more than ten books, including two #1 Amazon best-sellers “Soul Cry” and “What God Has Joined Together”. She is elated to chase after her lifelong authoring dreams with her series of Christian Romance and Urban Fiction Novels. In April 2017, Oliva was named CEO of Kindred Inspirations, a publishing Company that focuses on fiction, non-fiction, Inspirational, and Motivational books. She resides in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI as a newlywed to her first love. Readers can connect and interact with Oliva Shaw at :
About This Book:

Since she was a little girl, Jamaika Owens has been trained to be the perfect, God-fearing, and Submissive wife, and has the life everyone wants, lavish living, a handsome husband, and she never has to lift a manicured finger. But behind her facade and dimpled smile, shelives a lie that not even her family members knows. When infidelity arises and deception enters her marriage, she realizes her happiness is most important and is not to be compromised. She falls for a man who changes her entire perception of love and answers her soul’s cry.

Soul Cry Book Review:

“Soul Cry” written by Oliva Shaw is a marvelous masterpiece in my personal opinion as a loyal Christian reader. The narrative was truly about what life is really define as. I love reading stories that have a Christian based messages that can transforms life through the developed characters. Oliva Shaw allows God to guide the pen to created an image in a format of a wonderful story that is truly to life as the struggles of a Christian. The characters were developed as lovable and at the same time hate worthy. Also the Characters were very believable that I am being minister personally through Oliva Shaw’s writing. Oliva Shaw really need to consider to turning “Soul Cry” into  a movie or a television mini series.

Oftentimes, we hold onto relationship that clearly isn’t the best for us. God will allows things happen to us so we can be inspired to allow God in everything that we do. For the character, Jamika allowed much more in her marriage with Jalen than a person who knows their worth have on any given moment. “Soul Cry” is a fiction story butthis kind of situation does happens in life. The character Jalen really got on my last nerve. He portray himself as a Spirit filled Pastor but behind closed doors he is a sheep in wolf clothes. He beats up his wife, Jamika and have affairs with different woman. His behavior really cause Jamika to end her life. Jalen made her feel like a piece of trash and he doesn’t care of anyone but himself. He is a monster in the pulpit and a hypocrite. “Soul Cry” shows us a scenery in the Church Community that just because we are Christian that doesn’t mean we are immune from heartache and problems. “Soul Cry” shows us the patterns of generational curse in families through the Characters of Jamika’s mother down to Jamika herself. That generational curse can be broken if we allowed ourselves to heal by sharing the history of Domestic Violence, drug abused, drinking problems with your children and not keep it a secret. Thank God there were a happy ending for Jamika and she discover her worth. Also she got the support from her mother and a new man that loves and respect her.

If you or anyone you know may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, or maybe at the hands of an abuser, please do not hesitate to contact either of the numbers below. Your Life, Health, Safety,and Happiness are most important. Remember You Are Not Alone At All.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


National Domestic Violence



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