Rod of The Wicked (Church Boyz)

Title: Rod of the Wicked (Church Boyz Series)

Author: H H Fowler

Publisher: H.H. Fowler 

Number of Pages: 221


ISBN10: 1475185022

ISBN13:978- 1475185022

About The Author:

H.H Fowler is an Amazon Best Selling Author of more than 12 novels, including the Church Boyz and Church Gurlz Series. He lives in the Bahamas and enjoy spending time with his family. Find our more about H.H. Fowler at

About This Book:

Imagine sharing the spotlight with a ruthless blackmailer whose only intention is to take all of which you worked hard to achieve – your wealth, your fame, and your Church of seven Thousand members For Pastor Leroy Paxton of Mount Moriah Baptist Church, this is no imagination. Five Years Ago he committed a toxic sin and almost lost his life trying to cover it up. He now comes face to face with his past, which haunts him from the pulpit to his bedroom. And the only way out of this nightmare is to make a decision that could cost him everything.

Then imagine being mentored by one of the most revered man, Abraham Winder, whose stance on accountability and sexual purity is taught rigorously within the Mount Moriah mentoring program, only to discover your mentor is not what you expect. This is the reality for Dominic Housten, one of Abraham’s closet and trusted proteges, who accidentally stumbles upon a scene that left him frozen in disbelief. As Dominic struggles with betrayal, he confided in the pastor’s daughter the only woman, he’d secretly loved for years. The only problem with that is the pastor’s daughter is married to Phillip Benjamin, a deacon of the Church and an extremely jealous man, who suspects Dominic intention runs deeper than just a casual friendship.

The intertwined lives of these four men show that the tighteous are not perfect, and at times are tempted to forsake the ways of God. As each of these men battle to regain their focus, they will come to realize that the consequences of their sins are far greater than they’d anticipated just one stupid mistakes could produce a lifetime of hell! Best-sellers in Urban Christian Suspense Series.

Rod of the Wicked (Church Boyz) Book Review

“Rod of The Wicked” is definitely an enchanting Christian narrative. After the first Chapter of this book, without delay it only took a minute to get into reading “Rod of The Wicked”. This was an marvelous Christian book and it was very sensible. H.H. Fowler created the characters originate animate which will keep the readers wanting to read more. 

H.H Fowler seized abounding conformation of defrauding and incorporate powers that be into a web. The reader will read about the Characters in “Rod of The Wicked” who are guilty and Characters who are innocent. Although they are all related in one way or another. The web will birth to unravel at the Conclusions. The Characters are absolutely developed well. The Christians faith and malicious behavior are confrontation that they need to conquered. We as Christians are not perfect at all or the road is going to be easy. Anybody that tells you that are delusional. In the lifestyle of a Christian, we all have sinned and fell short of God’s Glory. Like Donnie McClurkin mentioned in his song, We Fall Down and We Get Back Up. “Rod of The Wicked” reminds us that through the Characters. I am looking forward to see how this storyline is about to unfold. There are skeltons that all over the place from The pulpit to the pews in every direction. The crazy part is if you are a PK (Preacher Kid) then you may can relate through many of the situations presented in “Rod of The Wicked”. Now I am going to read the rest of the story in The Church Boyz Series. I read so many books by this anointed Author and never disappointed at all. The story through the Characters are entertaining but at the same time the readers are being minister to through the Characters. 


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