The Worst Hurt Is From The Church

Many people rightly discuss “church hurt” and I’ve often talked about how many churches must do better in addressing and correcting toxic behaviors as to alleviate the trauma some people experience when saints are behaving badly. I really get it. 
What we don’t talk about enough, though, is when “the” church hurts the pastor. We expect pastors to be superhuman or even God. When the preacher can’t be omniscient and omnipresent, then that preacher is rejected for being, well, human. 
And then there are those moments when members who you’ve loved, sacrificed for, leave without just cause for the sexier church down the street. And then there’s being talked about and hated just because you’re in the room. And through it all, a godly pastor lovingly longsuffers through it, but trust all these things and more can be just as (no, more than) traumatizing because it’s multiplied by the hundreds or maybe thousands. 

Today, think about all the hurting, grieving, anxious, unhealthy pastors who carry their burdens to the Lord but seldom feel permitted to carry them to the Lord’s people. Pray for them and give an encouraging word to the one who cares for your soul. Reverend C J Rhodes


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