Never Letting Go: A Father’s Love

Title: Never Letting Go: A Father’s Love

Author: Andre Ray

Publisher: Andre Ray

Number of Pages: 205


ISBN10: 1533276595

ISBN13: 978-1533376599

About This Book:

Matthew is a father who just lost his wife after her three year battle with cancer and must now raise his three children on his own. They live in an upscale middle-class area in Raleigh, NC. Just when he thinks the worse is over and tries to put his family back together, his peaceful home is turned upside down and has become a total nightmare. He soon finds himself in an all-out warfare with the devil whose name is Keith to save his oldest daughter Amber who has chosen the love of an older man. It doesn’t help that she blames him for the death of her mother and is totally rebellious towards him. Amber has no idea that her love for Keith will take her to the depths of hell and back. She will be forced to choose between Keith and her father. Can the Lord save his  family before it is too late or will the devil put them into total despair?

Never Letting Go: A Father’s Love Book Review

Andre Ray created another masterpiece Christian narrative “Never Letting Go: A Father’s Love”. From the first page, the narrative had me curious that I couldn’t stop reading until I discovered the true meaning of never letting go from a Father’s actions in the description of love for his child. For those who have children can relates with the character of Matthew. After the passing of his wife and mother of his children, he is having a difficult time with his oldest daughter Amber. She thinks Matthew doesn’t love her and blame him for her mother death. She becomes very disrespectful towards to him. Matthew do gets support from his Christian Community especially from Sister Sharon who secretly have feeling for him. From a father perspective about never letting go is you do whatever it takes to shows love and protection for your children. You guide them in the right direction in life. I love the character of Matthew because he puts his family first during their times of needs during grieving of their mother’s passing. By reading this emotional story, I had a good idea about the Conclusions. Of course Andre Ray created so many shocking positive twists and turns. You will have to read the whole story to get the picture why Andre Ray picked this Particular title for this book. The character of Amber, needed a wake up call from the wrong decisions she was making. She didn’t respect her father and didn’t want to listen to anybody about her boyfriend Keith. Keith was a devil and the lifestyle he was in of fast money have consequences not only for himself but also for Amber. Both of their lives we’re in danger and Keith didn’t care. By time Amber found out the truth about Keith, she already was in deep that it was difficult to get out. The lesson is with that fast money scene is a disguise for disaster that costs so much lost including losing your soul. This story is based with a Christian theme that put the focus on Love, Hurts, Tribulations, Salvation, Forgiveness and Transformation. For me I received a Revival through the characters and we all can learned from them. A testimony starts with a test. God gives each of us a test through a tough situation and to see how we going to react and to see how much faith that we have in Him. I recommend this book to everyone to read 


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