The Mayor’s Mission

Title: The Mayor’s Mission

Author: Piper Hughley

Publisher: Liliaceae Publishing

Number of Pages: 199


ISBN10: 151226962X

ISBN13: 978- 15122969628

About The Author:

Piper G Huguley, named 2015 Debut Author of the Year by Romance Slam Jam and Breakout Author of the Year by AAMBC, is a two-time Golden Heart ®finalist. and is the author of “Migrations of the Heart,” a three-book series of historical romances set in the early 20th century featuring African American characters, published by Samhain Publishing. Book #1 in the series, A Virtuous Ruby, won Best Historical of 2015 in the Swirl Awards. Book #3 in the series, A Treasure of Gold, was named by Romance Novels in Color as a Best Book of 2015 and received 4 ½ stars from RT Magazine. Huguley is also the author of the “Home to Milford College” series. The series follows the building of a college from its founding in 1866. On release, the prequel novella to the “Home to Milford College” series, The Lawyer’s Luck, reached #1 Amazon Bestseller status on the African American Christian Fiction charts. Book #1 in the series, The Preacher’s Promise was named a top ten Historical Romance in Publisher’s Weekly by the esteemed historical romance author, Beverly Jenkins and received Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Contest of Self-Published e-books in 2015. Her new series “Born to Win Men” starts with A Champion’s Heart as Book #1. A Champion’s Heart was named by Sarah MacLean of The Washington Post as a best romance novel selection for December 2016. Piper Huguley blogs about the history behind her novels at She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son.

About This Book:

Milford, GA 1868: Milford College is in trouble. The mission to create teachers and preachers for the recently freed populations is on a shaky course because of problems between the married founders. Mayor Virgil Smithson has been away to the constitutional convention in the newly established state capitol in Atlanta for almost five months. He’s late in getting back home. Worried about her husband, Amanda Smithson manages the crowded and growing school by herself. How they will pay the taxes on the school property if Virgil doesn’t return from Atlanta? More problems: The Milford daughters-in-law arrive in town, determined to wrest what they see as their rightful inheritance from the Smithsons. Amanda has hired an old school chum from Oberlin to teach the older students. And he’s a tad too affectionate with Amanda for Virgil’s liking. Just when it all seems impossible to resolve, the Smithsons must endure another crisis that threatens to tear them, and the dream of their school—-apart. When life becomes difficult, it will take all of God’s love and mercy for the Smithsons to come together to fight within the bonds of holy matrimony that united them less than two years before. It will be the mission of the mayor, and his wife, to do what it takes to keep the new and coltish educational tradition that they began together going– to keep their love alive.

The Mayor’s Mission Book Review

This is the second book “The Mayor’s Mission” by Piper Hughley that I read. Previously mentioned, this is the continue story in The Home to Milford College Series. “The Mayor’s Mission” deliver the readers like myself with gratitude and perceptive. Its draws a picture for us to visions the sacrifices that the brave Black men and women made during the Reconstruction Era. The character, Virgil Smithson who is the freshly elected Mayor of Milford, GA have been born into slavery. Although, he purchased his freedom in the last book “The Preacher’s Promise”. Virgil often mentioned the matter of course in the South to Amanda. Virgil is farther of the strong soundless type until he delivers his sermon. Virgil spent occasion in the town of Atlanta as a representative demanding to protect the rights of the newly freed slaves. We are introduced to the characters of Henry McNeal Turner and Tunis Campbell who both are real Giants during the Reconstruction Era. 

Amanda, Virgil’s wife was born and raised in the North by her father who is a free Black man. She doesn’t understands the matter of course in the South. This makes for constriction between Virgil and Amanda in their marriage. In the process, the newly married  couple works out the tangle in their marriage, we can see the images of a magnificent Black love story. There is even some laughter. Virgil gives invitation to both Turner and Campbell to his residence and provided Amanda short notice.

As a reader, I am tremendously ecstatic about “The Mayor’s Mission”,  the second installment in The Home To Milford College Series. Piper Hughley created a great Christian Historical Fiction that is exclusively well developed. The Characters in this narrative compromise of drama, romance, sorrow, joy, and several supplementary elements which are skillfully arranged on a historical following.

 Piper Hughley compose an excellent narrative that advocate to analyze the entangled history of Reconstruction beyond being preachy. While reading this story, several times I found myself in tears about this lovely narration between Virgil and Amanda. The way how they raised their daughter and they wants the best for her. They also dealt with financial crisis and the medical crisis with Amanda. Even though Amanda and Virgil disagree oftens but they does that from a foundation and the power of love and respect. I am looking forward to read the next book “The Representative Revolt” in The Home To Milford College Series.


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