You Said One Thing, God Said Something Differently

Title: You Said One Thing,,,,God Said Differently

Author: Jonathan Wesley

Publisher: Godchild Productions

Number of Pages: 114
About The Author

Jonathan Wesley was born on September 12, 1989 in Newark, NJ. Before he was ever formed in his mother’s womb, he had a strong calling on his life. The Lord’s presence was evident in him at a very young age. Even though he tried to run for many years, he learned through trial and error that he was not going to be fulfilled as long as long as he continued to run from God. Through the test and trials of life. Jonathan Wesley is a true example of resilience and servant leadership. Mr. Wesley overcomes each trial, tribulations and tragedy with grace that allows him the opportunity to so into others who will endure the same things that he has.

Jonathan Wesley holds a B.A. in Sociology, M.Ed in Education, Certificate in Pastoral Counseling and is currently pursuing a M.Div from Emory University Candler School of Theology with the desire to pursue doctoral student after the completion of this degree. He loves education and believes strongly that with knowledge comes much power and accountability. Not only is he an educator , he is also an artist, public speaker, spiritual coach, Minister,higher education professional and social Advocate. He understands that he renders his services in a spirit of excellent and achievement. He teaches on spirituality, life development, leadership, education, and other topics which have proven to be a success in the lives of those which he has come in contact with. At his age, he has accomplished a lot and contributes his success to God, family, friends and supporters.
About This Book

The truth does have the ability to set us free if we allow it to. Are you ready for truth? Your truth? Can you handle the repercussions of life that follows your truth? Have you been living deceitfully just to please others? Because of condemnation and hate, have you given up on a meaningful relationship with God?

You Said One Thing,,,,God Say Something Else Book Review

​Basically, I want to mentioned that Jonathan Wesley written an Inspiring Motivationally Book that God was the narrator of this story talking about Terrell. “You Said One Thing,,,,God Said Another Thing” is one of those books that will challenges you to take a look in the mirror.

Jonathan Wesley allows God to direct the pens to write an inspiring book “You Said One Thing,,,But God Said Differently: Silencing the Unauthorized Voices &Living Your Authentic Life”. Jonathan’s aspiration through his writing, plentiful of wisdom and communication with individuals that people have the determination to become delivered, healed and set free. He wants the readers to have the understanding that they can have a personal relationship with God despite the fact what society inform them.

Jonathan Wesley isn’t your average person but he believes firmly in discipline what delivers in his sermon. He does that with a moment on living the trueness. He believes that everybody should accept and essentially their authenticity in order to experience true healing and deliverance. He lives by the Psalm, “If I Can Help Somebody as I Pass Along Than My Living Will Not Be In Vain”. 


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