Nothing To Laugh At About Rape

Being rape isn’t nothing to laugh at all. There were several series that Iylvana Vanzant touched on about men being raped when they were a child by their family members. There were this one guy Eugene, not only he was raped by his teacher when he was 12 years old but he was raped again when he was in the Military. He is so traumatized about what happened to him. I applaud Iylvana finally said that she isn’t a therapist and refer Eugene to a licensed therapist deals with Mental Health. There were a guy on Facebook who is a Bishop of a Church, had the nerve to say before they were rape that they were gay and they wanted that to happen. I told that person that was the ignorant thing that  I ever heard and you should be ashamed of yourself. NOBODY DOESN’T WANT TO BE RAPE OR DOESN’T DESERVE IT HAPPENED TO THEM. Also to the Parents, if your child tells you that they were touch inappropriate, please believe them and don’t tell them it is their fault or called them names such as faggott and hoe.  It is time to break the stigma about men being rape and the shame.

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