His Majesty

Title: His Majesty – The Carson Brothers Saga

Author: C Harris/ Tysha Jordyn

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of Pages: 212

ISBN10: 1534670084



About The Author:


Writing books is not only a passion of C. Harris but it’s her calling. To be able to write real stories, about real women, with real struggles, yet weave in spiritual elements that really show the way God moves in our lives is her blessing. Her mission has always been to love on hurting women and to encourage them to continue growing in Christ so that they can truly experience a life of freedom. Her novels may make you cry, but they’ll also make you laugh, scream, and shout with joy until the very last page. They’re fast-paced and written with blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. She currently live in Texas with my husband, Jordan. He’s a special education teacher, living out his passion, and our dream is to retire by forty and travel the world.

Tysha Jordyn


Visit Tysha on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tysha.jordyn. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @tysha_jordyn. Sign up for new release and sneak peek notifications at tyshajordyn.com/sign-up!

Tysha Jordyn is an author, blogger, editor, and journalist with plans to ride her bookdreams all the way to the top. An avid reader and a love of life, she channels an endless supply of life experiences to plant the seeds that ultimately blossom into her next bestseller. Her first novel, I Should’ve Cheated, is currently in production to become a web series. Tysha operates under the Write Ordie Mantra, and with her sights set on writing/directing/producing her first short film in the very near future, she is ever on the hunt for opportunities to change the world one story at a time. An East coast diva through and through, Tysha currently hails from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where she’s thinking of saying goodbye forever to the mainland to live a permanent beach bum life with her family and beloved bulldog, Saint Nicholas.

About This Book:

God. Family. Music. That’s the motto that the Carson men live by. Five brothers with one common goal: to lift their voices in the Lord’s ministry. A shining example of the strength of brotherhood, their bond is solid and their faith is strong…but right below the surface of righteousness and glory lies a sinful darkness, one that is ready and waiting to take each man under if they refuse to walk in their truth. Old flames grow into blazing infernos as each brother learns that the heart will always crave the most forbidden fruit. Ace is the oldest brother, the responsible soul, and the glue that holds together the musical genius that is their group—Majesty. Ace shines in the face of challenge as he puts in the work to send Majesty to the top of the gospel charts, but he soon faces his greatest test when he’s forced to face the demons of his own sin. Just as Ace is succumbing to his own untruths, younger brother Mason seizes the opportunity to prove that he’s the one with the billion-dollar plan for their quintet—and it would all be simple if Mason wasn’t swimming in his own pool of deception, one so shocking that it will test their faith and reveal whether or not brotherly love truly is unconditional. Without fail, this family prays together, but once their indiscretions are brought to light, there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to stay together in the explosive aftermath. Watch these brothers go toe to toe, and find out just how far Ace is willing to go to lose himself in the first installment of this ground-breaking saga. 

His Majesty Book Review

“His Majesty” is an outstanding edge-of-your seat narrative with a Christian foundation. I truly found “His Majesty” is filled with so much drama and emotion. The drama is at the boiling point. Once you start reading “His Majesty”, you will definitely be hooked from the first page to the last page. It will cause you to be surprised with the twist and turn. There were several full of shockers in “His Majesty” that kept me to desire to continue to read. I can’t believe that as a reader, I am just at a loss for words and the Authors didn’t disappoint. I was intrigued from the Book Cover. The lessons in this story is by acting on sin will get you into trouble every time. Your sin doesn’t just affect you. It will also dragged others that you care about in your mess. God doesn’t bless mess. God doesn’t like ugly. Whatever done in the dark, eventually it will comes to light for everyone to witness. This was definitely a great Christian reading even though I had an idea what was going to happen. Although I was still were in shocked. 

Both C. Harris and Tysha Jordyn connected together and they did an amazing job created “His Majesty”. This narrative is about the trials and tribulations of 5 brothers (The Carson Brothers) trying to be successful in the music industry. The Carson Brothers have a bond although abruptly, the readers will learn that even a bond can be broken. I loved reading this story not only because it is a great read, although “His Majesty” absolutely different from what I’ve been reading. The Narrative is on the focus about temptation, secrets, family being broken, lies, and hearts being broken. The character, Ace Carson, will caused you to dislike him because of his selfish acts. Although you will hope that Ace will get his act together before it is too late regardless whatever he’s going through. Mason should really thinks things through before he reap what he sow. There were several lessons to learned from while reading this book. You can’t just leave your spouse and family for deadly toxic lust from a person you know that you shouldn’t be with. Your family should be your main focus even when there are rough patch in their marriage. The true fact was in “His Majesty” is really a reality in this living we called a microwave society. WOW! The mysteries or deep secrets will cause you to say Oh My God. By me reading this story caused me to go on a spiritual therapy with all of these un-necessary drama with these characters. The Carson’s Brothers need to get their act together and be there for each other and not allowed fame to destroy their bonds. Mason try to be the father figure the group but just discover the after effects when teo wannabe stars try to bumpheads. You will also see what happens when you end up marrying the wrong person without being ordained by God. I’m just waiting to see what secrets will happen in part 2 because the conclusion of this story will let’s us know that the secrets, lies, temptation and drama will be more to come. This was a marvelous teamwork with both Authors and that’s why it was a great story to read and reflect on.

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