Your Seasons Of Transformation

God’s growing seasons look like difficulty. Your difficult season is preparation for your power season. On the other side of this is strength you didn’t know you had, love and respect for yourself that you haven’t tapped into yet. Every tree is a seed that refused to stay a seed. Growing can hurt, it can feel uncomfortable, you will have to unbecome who you used to be but every time you refuse to stay the same, you give yourself permission to become the next version of your powerful self.

Patrick Weaver

God Smiles At Your Storms of Life

Some people won’t understand how you can smile under the circumstances. They don’t know that when you have been through enough storms with God, a smile does not mean that you’re looking at what the devil is trying to do, a smile means you can see what God is getting ready to do. Faith smiles at the storm because no weapon formed against faith shall prosper. By Patrick Weaver

Rest In Peace Hayden C. Jackson

My heart grieves in the loss of this gifted anointed young brother, Hayden Jackson. He was a gifted pianist and Minister of Music. Depression is real and especially in the Black Church Community. He had such a promising future. This really hurts! Stop telling people to just Talk To Jesus and He will make it alright. Prayer alone isn’t enough. Prayer and Faith Without Works Are Dead. There is nothing wrong with Prayer but God already answered your prayers by empowered you to seek help with a Licensed professional in the Mental Health. His death could have been preventable if the Church Community encourage him to seek help with a Mental Health professional even a Mental Health Peer Specialist.

You are never alone. We are here to help 24/7. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you’re thinking about suicide.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Defining Your Greatness

They will try to attack your character when they don’t like your power. Don’t trip, they called Jesus Satan. They attack you because they fear you. You didn’t do something to them, you did something that makes them know that you are peculiar, God-fident and not like everybody else. They know that something about you limits their foolery power and exposes their insecurity. Your anointing angers them because something tells them you can’t be controlled or affected by demons or opinions. Don’t get upset – stay in power. When power smiles at Satan’s rage, it drives them crazy.

Patrick Weaver