Behind The Closed Doors

You have heard the saying, If these walls could talk, what would they reveal? Gregory Beaufort, a prominent bishop who was sent to the affluent island of Bliss Haven twenty years ago, knows firsthand what it is like to live behind the walls of a dangerous secret – while simultaneously fighting to keep it from being unveiled to his family.
But when his youngest daughter, nineteen-year-old Asia Beaufort falls passionately in love with a boy from an impoverished background, their connection ignites a chain of events that force Gregory to face his ungodly past.
Is it worth holding on to a secret that could wipe out his marriage and the family he so dearly loves? Shattered Dreams is the first book in the Behind Closed Doors series and it is riddled with thought-provoking situations. Come meet a new slate of characters who will take you on a daring adventure.

Book Review About Shattered Dreams

H. H Fowler really bring to light about the concealed organization in the church in this three part series entitled “Behind Closed Doors”. His unique styles of writing fascinate the readers from the minute they start reading until the very end. In the beginning, we are introduced to Dallis and Asia, two of the Bishop’s daughters. Dallis is a sold out Christian – a very humble one, Asia perceives since her father, Gregory is a preacher, no one can barks order at her. After a regrettable situations lands the Gregory’s wife, Dana in the hospital, everything is getting ready to hit the fan as Izaiah – the newly installed youth Minister, starts to figure out the Bishop’s true motives of installing him as his Youth Pastor. With mystery of his own, the bishop controls everyone that is in his inner circle dangling close to the edge of it. This storyline is only the beginning of the drama

The drama continues between Bishop Gregory Beaufort and his youngest daughter, Asia. When tragedy strikes close to home, the only person who comes to Asia’s mind as the one responsible is her meddlesome father. This only adds to Gregory’s frustration as he is now facing one of the biggest decisions of his life. His marriage is in a precarious state and his other two daughters are stirring up trouble of their own. Gregory knows the ultimate sacrifice will have to be made if he expects his family to survive.
Poison Candy is the second book in the Behind Closed Doors series. For Gregory and several others who have had a part in this secret, it has been sweet going in, but once they get in too deep, they realize that the deadly venom of sin can destroy every godly thing in its path. Will it be too late for them to set their lives in order?

Book Review About Poison Candy

I love reading H H Fowler’s books, the characters are well developed and the story lines are well written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit that anoints his pen. I read the first of this series,and poison candy did not disappoint at all. “Poison Candy” was a continuation of a love story and a deadly unknown group who uses young boys as sex slaves, run by powerful individuals. The drama keeps the ball rolling between Bishop Gregory Beaufort and his youngest daughter, Asia. When tragedy comes down close to home, her own father is the only person comes to Asia’s mind as the one who is responsible.. This only adds to Gregory’s resentment as he is now dealing of the consequence with one of the biggest decisions of his life. His marriage is in a problematic state and his other two daughters are stirring up trouble of their own. Gregory experiences the eventual sacrifice will have to be made if he hopes for his family to survive. We all know that there is the possibility of corruptions in the church. For us to read about the corruptions in the Church brings more light to the problem that the folks in the Church are faced with. Gregory appears to be an evil monster in sheep cloth and bargain his way out. Although God keeps reaching to him proves that God still cares for him despite his disgusting mistakes.

This is truly a rollercoaster journey especially when Satan has you in bondages.

Your family becomes a tornado damages when you allows the temptation of lust for power and greed is exposed. The best thing by our mistakes that God is able to pull us out of that pit we are craving for. We thinks that our life is over through the mistakes that we made, although God is rewritten our story that we called life. I found not only “Poison Candy” but also “Shattered Dreams are melodramatic and mind- boggling on how we as Christian can be very fragile when we allows the love of money and power dominate God’s calling. Through the obstacles of evil, the strong of the faithful followers of Christ that are ready to fight all temptations shall stay genuine to the passage of serving the Lord. The twists and turns in the storyline makes it exceeding compelling to desires more. “Behind Closed Doors” Series gets more interesting and wonderfully created from this great author. The entire family members of Bishop Gregory Beaufort is in discomfort due to the facts that the Bishop sold his soul to evil. When you allows material things your main focus then you truly have forsaken the Word of God. Mr. Fowler has always done an excellent job in writing many of his series. And this series is even better that I am about to read “Unexpected Guest”.

Bishop Gregory Beaufort has disappeared without a trace and for three years, every effort to find him seems to only result in one dead end after another. Some members of Gregory’s family are starting to think that he is dead until one of his daughters briefly glimpses him in the back seat of a late-model Cadillac. It kicks off a twenty-one-day cat and mouse race against time between the police and Gregory’s captors.
Meanwhile, a dashing beau from the church Gregory once led, approaches Gregory’s wife, Dana, and eventually reveals his love for her. When even the police appear to believe Gregory might never be found, her hope wanes and Dana is vulnerable and unsuspecting of the beau’s true intentions, which are furtively linked to the infamous House of gods.
Dana and the rest of the Beauforts remain a constant target for a secret society that will stop at nothing to ensure every member of that family is six feet beneath the soil.

Book Review About Unexpected Guests

No ifs ands buts, I really enjoyed the full Behind Closed Doors series. I couldn’t stop reading this story from my tablet for the entire time of completing reading all three books, making it extremely difficult to attend to or focus on anything else due to the fact I would have had to stop reading. I was blow away at how engaged I was in those three books in the series. With my determination I was going to read the entire storyline in the short space of time in which I did. In the distinction to the extensive vocabulary to the plethora of emotions the books stirred up and even the powerful messages they imposed, I would definitely recommend these books to anyone that loves a good read and gripping enactments.

Behind Closed Doors Series

Shattered Dreams – Book 1

Poison Candy – Book 2

Unexpected Guests – Book 3

Author: H.H. Fowler

Publisher: H.H Fowler

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