Letters From Santa : Southern Christmas Light Series Book 2

Title: Letters From Santa : Southern Christmas Light Series Book 2

Author: Linda Leigh Hargrove

Publisher: Linda Leigh Hargrove

Number of Pages : 89

About The Author

Linda Leigh Hargrove blends suspense, humor, and faith into compelling stories about race and class in America. Linda has taught workshops on fiction writing to adults and teens. To further help would-be writers realize their dreams of publication, she launched TheFaithToWrite.com and created a quick reference guide for independent writers.

She is a native of Washington County, North Carolina, a farm-rich coastal region. And currently resides near Charlotte with her husband and three sons, where she works as an environmental engineer. Connect with Linda on your favorite social media platforms. Join Linda’s mailing list to find out when new books are released (and maybe win free books): http://eepurl.com/M7oT

About This Book

Christmas is hard to endure when you’ve lost a loved one. Monica Ferguson knows this first hand, having lost her mother to cancer at the age of 2. The rich debutante has hidden her pain for years behind a perky smile, sacrificial charity work, and a fierce work ethic. Until a family secret derails her life in the middle of planning the biggest community fundraising banquet of the year.

Monica’s old high school friend, Chelsea Parker, convinces her that the talented and mysterious chef Ciro Fields is the answer to their prayers. But can the handsome black man with ‘a thing for letters’ also be the medicine for Monica’s broken heart?

Book Review About Letters From Santa Book 2

I really enjoyed reading this Christmas Novella, “Letters From Santa Book 2”. This book was well written and the characters were well developed. This Christmas Novella is about a young woman named Monica who left town suddenly for three weeks to vacate from the break up she just experienced with Ralph. He broken up with Monica after uncover the results of her DNA test. She arrived at her aunt’s home and they have a lot of conversations about what the results of her DNA test from her mother’s side of the family. The DNA results determined that she lost her mother when she was 2 years old due to cancer.

Monica was raised by her father although had no idea of this secret. Monica’s aunt had started working on her family culture and capable to give her the information she discovered. She told her niece, Monica that they would continue to research their family together. When Monica came back into her life, she goes by the restaurant that Ralph had talked her into preparing for opening of the restaurant in the new year to see what all has been completed. Along with finding out that the restaurant completely finished and someone making dough in the kitchen.

When a man that she knew comes back into her life, Monica grabs a skillet to protect herself which causes Ciro to laugh out loud. Ciro explains to Monica that her father hired him as the chef for the restaurant. Ciro also mentioned to Monica that he is to be the chef for the special event that Monica and her father organizes each year around Christmas in the purpose of charity.

Ciro was a thirty year old black man that was very polite in his talking and demonstrate by his speech that he have a strong faith foundation in God. After just a few days around Monica he had already started having feelings for her. What would her father say when he asks for his blessings if it will be alright to date his daughter? As a consequence, what she will catch on about her culture from the help of her aunt to start to mend her heart from Ralph put an end to their relationship caused or has she already seen what his true intentions was and just being grateful that he was gone?
This was a smooth storyline that brought amusement and tears. It definitely makes for a great Christmas narrative to read

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