A Christmas Prayer

Title: A Christmas Prayer

Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing : Hachette Book Group

Number of Pages :

About This Author

Kimberla Lawson Roby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author & Speaker of 27 books, which include her popular Reverend Curtis Black Series and many standalone titles. She is the 2013 recipient of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction, and she is also a #1 Essence magazine bestselling author. She lives with her husband in Rockford, Illinois.

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Facebook: facebook.com/kimberlalawsonroby

Twitter: twitter.com/KimberlaLRoby

Instagram: Instagram.com/kimberlalawsonroby

About This Book

Alexis Fletcher hasn’t had a merry Christmas in five years since her mother passed away. Every December she remembers the joy her mother brought to everyone during the holiday season and feels the pain of her absence, even more so now that she and her sister are barely speaking. More than anything, Alexis wishes her family could be whole again.

However, with her wedding fast approaching, Alexis might just be ready to make some holiday memories with a new family of her own. Alexis’s fiancé, Chase Dupont, is everything she ever dreamed of. He’s kind, handsome, fully supportive of Alexis’s career, and the CEO of a large company. But outside forces threaten to derail this happy couple from ever reaching the altar.
As tensions rise, a dramatic event causes Alexis to question everything. Will fate give her what she needs to finally embrace the season that has brought her so much pain? Will Alexis get her wish for a happy holiday? Or will her Christmas prayer go unanswered?

Book Review About A Christmas Prayer

The Book Cover of “A Christmas Prayer” really caught my attention and also a beautiful Cover. This is the first book, “A Christmas Prayer” written by Kimberla Lawson Roby. She really created a wonderful Christmas Novella about the Christian romance between Alexis and Chase. They are truly in love with each other and about to planned their future together as husband and wife. There is one obstacles that may prevent that and it called the future mother-in-law from hell. Geneva who is Chase’s mother and she doesn’t like Alexis and don’t think she isn’t good enough for her son. The only thing Geneva wants is to end the relationship between Alexis and her son, Chase. This storyline is full with painful circumstances with the conflict between Alexis and Sabrina who are sisters. Every Seasons of Christmas, Alexis feel so empty due in the facts that she is mourning the death of her mother. She also have to deal with the drama with Geneva, the mother-in-law wants to avoid. Throughout the whole Christmas novel, Kimberla Lawson Roby created a wonderful character of Alexis who proves herself to be a classy lady. She didn’t allowed anyone to take her out of character. Misery loves company and Alexis didn’t want no part of it. She also offer to help Courtney who is Alexis niece.

Then, I started to realized that Alexis just is too trustworthy. Alexis reminds the readers of the Angel on the top of a Christmas tree. Exceptionally, Alexis’ perfect nature didn’t disturb me at all. Alexis is my favorite character in this story. In the eyes of the readers, they may felt that Alexis forgave Geneva too rapidly. The character of Geneva is an evil mother in law. She said bad things about Alexis. Some of us might would take us at least a month to forgive a person who is hateful. Alexis forgives her immediately because that would a Christian would do. Perhaps it’s the Christmas prayer that Alexis wrote down in her journal. I’m tremendously sure the prayer empowered her through so many holiday obstacles. While under the attraction aroma of Kimberla Lawson Roby’s writing or the Chicago holiday air, many readers will accepts Alexis is a flawless woman. In other words, I enjoyed reading “A Christmas Prayer” along with the well developed characters. This is the first Christmas novel I’ve read this year. If I don’t read another one, I feel completely satisfied with this Christmas novel. I really going to read more works from this Author.

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