Give A Little Love: An Inspirational Christmas Romance

Title: Give A Little Love

Author: Rhonda McKnight

Publisher: Grace Publications

Number of Pages: 143

About The Author

Even as she pursued degrees in Textile Technology, Organizational Leadership and finally, Adult Education, Rhonda McKnight’s love for books and desire to write stories was always in the back of her mind and in the forefront of her heart. Rhonda loves reading and writing stories that touch the heart of women through complex plots and interesting characters in crisis. She writes from the comfort of her Atlanta home with black tea, Lays potato chips and chocolate on hand. At her feet sits a snappy mixed breed toy dog. She can be reached at her website at

About This Book

Brooke Jordan thought her Christmas was going to be boring, particularly since she’s stuck working in Montego Bay, Jamaica, instead of home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family. Paradise isn’t paradise when you’re not where you want to be, but this Christmas is anything but uneventful. Three airplanes land on the island and Brooke finds herself in exchanges that cause love, temptation, and HATE to surface.

Marcus Thompson has pain in his past, but he’s decided it’s time to try love again. A widowed orphan from a wealthy family, he’s alienated from his grandfather and wants a family of his own. His feelings for Brooke can’t be denied, but she won’t give him a chance to prove he’s not the playboy she thinks he is.

Though she finds Marcus tempting, Brooke is determined to get off the island without falling for his charms. The two people she trusted the most betrayed her in the worse way, and she isn’t prepared to risk love again. But when her worst enemy stands on her doorstep needing the generosity that has always been a part of Brooke’s character, she begins to question who she is and what she’s allowed heartbreak to do to her. Will she let anger and hate take over and turn her into someone else? Or will she find that even in her pain, she has the capacity to give? Book Review About Give A Little Love
I loved reading “ Give A Little Love” a Christmas Novel written by Rhonda McKnight. This is the first book that I read by this Author. Rhonda written this Christmas story about the Character, who flew to the Caribbean not for vacation but for work. She was stuck in Jamaica working while all her family was in North Carolina getting ready for the Christmas Holidays. Brooke really didn’t want to be away from her family that she have a great bond with. Brooke comes from a very tight knitted family. This Christmas is going to be extremely difficult without them. She didn’t have any choice. Subsequently, Brooke lost her husband and child after betrayal from someone that she knew since her childhood. Brooke required to spend the time with her family. The question that I asked myself as reading this story, Will her life ever recuperate?”Will Brooke wants to give another chance for romance?”

Rhonda created the well developed character of Marcus who fallen in love with Brooke since the first day several years ago, although due of the situations that she is dealing with. Brooke decided not to mix business with pleasure. With the blended of the drama from the past resurfacing then you realized there are the single heck of a story about love, faith and forgiveness. Although it was a short Christmas story, Rhonda makes sure that “Give A Little Love” was a narrative that is full of substance.

I discovered while reading this Christmas narrative very enjoyable.The characters of Brooke and Marcus were well created that you can relate and convinced that you are witnesses real people. I believes the readers will asks themselves, “Could they really forgive their best friend of betrayal? I am a firm believer that goes around will comes back to haunt you. Treat people likes you wants to be treated. When you start reading this story you will knows what I am talking about. I don’t blame Brooke for being upset but she allowing her past hurts prevented a second chance of love with a great guy likes Marcus. While reading “Give a Little Love”, you will root for Brooke to heal from her hurts and allows herself to fall in love with Marcus. Rhonda McKnight makes sure this Christmas Story, “Give A Little Love” a great book to read. This book deals with all kinds of life lesson situations with family members, love, betrayal, hurt and forgiveness. Sometimes people do use your kindness for weakness to get what they want or need. It doesn’t matter how it might make you feel they will use that to their advantage. I can’t wait to see how Marcus and Brooke lives will end up. I will definitely recommend this book by Rhonda McKnight and planning to read more works from this Author.

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