Prepare 4 Takeoff

Title: Preparing 4 Take off

Author: Antione K. Garrett

Publisher: Empower U Publishing

Number of Pages: 129

About The Author

Author, Life Coach and Minister. Antoine Garrett is a fresh new voice in the literary field with profound insights and he has a story to tell! Antoine is a sought after speaker and trainer, providing powerful workshops & sessions to audiences all over the United States. Antoine provides coaching services to clients seeking to move to the next level in life and business. Antoine has a unique gift of empowering others to become the best version of themselves, while encouraging his clients to see the opportunities hidden in the obstacles that they face. He is also a licensed minister, faithfully serving to uplift the people that God has placed in his path.

Join Antoine Garrett as he recounts actual events that relate to universal truths. His personal expedition is no different than your own journey through life that is full of choices & decisions, actions & consequences. This book will help you look at your personal journey and evaluate the checkpoints, delays and baggage that each of us has experienced along the journey. PREPARE 4 TAKEOFF provides practical strategies and insights to help you overcome the beliefs and behaviors that have been keeping you from all the best that life has to offer!

The Book Review About Prepare 4 Take Off

“Prepare 4 Take Off” is a great inspiration motivational book to read that I recommend a must book to read. There are two parts in “Prepare 4 Take Off”, The first part is about the journey where Antoine talks about real life experiences that he dealt with. I can relates with Antoine because I also was dealing with being frustrated, doubtful, and stressed. The second part of the book reflects on the journey and gives insight on the big picture surrounding every stop of the journey. It was a great self help life manual on how we can reflect on our struggles and reach our goals, while dealing with every day obstacles that called LIFE. It was uniquely written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and I look forward to future books by Antoine.

Antoine K. Garrett minister to the readers by letting them know, everything that we are going through is on purpose. God use purpose in our lives for our growth and personal development. God is our captain has decreed from the beginning of time that He is already aware of the Flight plan for each of our lives. While we are going through personal storms of life and tempted to become frustrated with everything going on comes to halt. This isn’t our plan but it is the Will of God who is the Captain. We need to communicate with the Captain, appreciate the process and most importantly, prepare 4 your Takeoff!

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