Black Ownership Isn’t The Answer To The Prison Problem

This Article is from PushBlack

Could Black-owned prisons be the solution 💡 to our incarceration problem? One misguided entrepreneur thinks so. Here’s where she went wrong.

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, was making national headlines for its deteriorating conditions, like no heat or electricity, and suffering inmates, according to reports.

Her outrageous idea got deservedly dragged. Still, let’s talk about the issue with this line of thinking. Prisons are directly linked to the institution of slavery. In fact, mass incarceration started as a replacement for slavery.

Sure, there were some Black people who had their own enslaved labor force, but it didn’t make the system of slavery any better! Further, privatized prisons have profit incentives, which is a REALLY BAD IDEA, Black-owned or not. Here’s why.

Private prison companies, like GEO Group and CoreCivic (formerly known as CCA), are connected to efforts to create laws that target Black people. Just as the Black Codes after slavery did. So, let’s be clear: the answer to prisons? It DEFINITELY isn’t a Black investment in them.

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