Choose Your Time Wisely

This is a mirror moments we all need to look at about our lives. Times that we wasted on things and on individuals we don’t get back. Choose your time wisely.
Imagine finding someone you love like this, someone who makes you smile like this daily and suddenly it’s snatched away.
Imaging being Diddy. Almost 50 and having one of the longest playboy phases ever and the woman you love dies suddenly. Then you have to admit to yourself and to the world, you loved her and wasted her years and yours because you thought you had time. 
Imaging being Nipsey, 33, and you KNOW Lauren is the woman for you but y’all are taking y’all’s time because you’re young and you think you have the time to pace yourselves in your relationship. Then you get killed before y’all can have that married, forever after type love you were pacing yourselves for. 
Imagine being Greg and Nene, married twice, promising for better or for worse. You live the high life because life has always been on the for better side and then cancer comes knocking at your door and y’all are being torn apart because no one tells you how to handle the for worse part when it could end in death. And you don’t know which trip to the hospital will be “that trip”, so you stay on edge, arguing about trivial things…wasting time. 
Time is limited. Time is valuable. Time is of the essence. Time waites for no one. Time is the only thing that we can never know for sure, how much we possess. Why waste any of it on trivial mess?


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