Author: Zaria Garrison

Publisher: Pink Praise

Number of Pages: 236

About The Author:

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Zaria Garrison was born and raised in Greenville County, SC. She began writing as a teen-ager. In 2005 her first novel Baring it All was published by Publish America under her birth name Gena L. Garrison. It is currently available in e-book format through Amazon Kindle.Zaria Garrison is a Black Expressions Best selling Christian fiction author. Her debut novel Prodigal was nominated for Christian Fiction Book of the year 2010 by SORMAG (Shades of Romance) as well as Zaria was nominated for Christian Fiction Author of the year. She is co-owner and staff writer of EKG Literary Magazine, an online magazine geared towards all members of the literary community. Her second novel Losing it, debuted in stores Sept 28, 2010. It reached Black Expressions list of Top 20 books. Zaria’s is also the author of Christian Fiction titles, Faking Reality and Nobody’s Son. She has also written a science fiction book. The Rainbow Z is available for Kindle download and in paperback.In 2013 Zaria was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following her recovery she penned the novella The Power of Pink: A Christmas Story. Zaria spends her free time with her husband and her son in their home in Greer, SC.

Zaria can be reached online at zariagarrison@yahoo.com


About This Book

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Pastor Hannah Grayson holds the distinction of being the first female pastor to lead the congregation at Greater St. Like Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. Overcoming a child good in the projects and growing up in foster care she attended college at Fort Valley State Cillege, and received her master’s in theology from Gannon Theological Seminary. During her tenure as Pastor, Greater St. Luke’s Congregation has grown in leaps and bounds with over 100 new members in three years. They’ve started a summer camp for low income teens, a good and clothing bank for the underprivileged, a young adult choir, and senior ladies dance ministry. Due to the growth, the Church board hired an associate pastor, a youth pastor, and a full security team. She’s been approached by a television station to broadcast her sermons to millions across the internet. As an unmarried female pastor she’s faced and overcome many challenges and she knows that it will take God’s hand to guide her through her latest one…..Through No fault of her own, Hannah is three months pregnant.

Review About Zaria Garrison’s Book “HANNAH”

Here is a Bad Situation Turned into Good. “HANNAH” is the first book that I read by Zaria Garrison. “HANNAH” caught my attention several months ago in an Author Group on Facebook. When I saw this book cover I knew that I must read this book. From the first page of this narrative that I really enjoyed it what I am reading. The Characters in this story was well developed and the readers like myself can just imagine about the emotions that they were feeling. Additional to the places that the Characters went through. While reading this book, I felt like I was riding on an emotional rollercoaster of happiness, love, anger, sadness, joy and that friendship bond that cannot be destroyed.

There were several classroom lessons of life to gain knowledge from this narrative. This life lessons from this narrative of God taking a Bad situation and turning it around for the good. In the Books of Romans, the 8th Chapter and the 28th verse draws us a faith picture explaining to us ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”.We have to learn to use the power of self-care and not trying to be the fixed for everyone else, individuals that live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones and there are plenty of wolves in the Pulpit.

“HANNAH” dealt with several relevant issues and Zaria did a wonderful job of bringing it all together in the second half of the narrative. As reading this story in the beginning, I was troubled of what Hannah went through with the rape in her Church Office by a member of the Church who is the leader of the men ministry. “HANNAH” was very introspective and informative about sexual assault in The House of the Lord. I didn’t understand why Pastor Hannah Grayson didn’t want to file a police report .Ezekiel should have been stripped of his position in the Church and prosecute to the fullest of the law when it first happens. And the sad part, many individuals of the Church blames the victims and that isn’t right at all. I know that God isn’t pleased with the Church Folks about how Hannah was being treated. There should be more ministry of supports for the survivors of sexual abuse in the Churches so individuals can shares their story to assist with their process of healing. As the drama unfolded, it got easier to understand than the build up. I really hope that Zaria Garrison turn this book into a movie or a play. This was a great Christian Fiction Story that ministers to the soul.

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