Unbreak My Heart

Title: Unbreak My Heart

Author: Rhonda McKnight

Publisher: Elevated Press

Number of Pages: 247

About The Author

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Even as she pursued degrees in Textile Technology, Organizational Leadership and finally, Adult Education, Rhonda McKnight’s love for books and desire to write stories was always in the back of her mind and in the forefront of her heart. Rhonda loves reading and writing stories that touch the heart of women through complex plots and interesting characters in crisis. She writes from the comfort of her Atlanta home with black tea, Lays potato chips and chocolate on hand. At her feet sits a snappy mixed breed toy dog. She can be reached at her website at http://www.rhondamcknight and on social media at http://www.facebook.com/booksbyrhonda and http://www.twitter.com/rhondamcknight and http://www.blackchristianreads.com where she has joined with nine other Christian fiction authors to introduce her stories to the world.

About This Book

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Cameron Scott’s reality T.V. show career is spiraling into an abyss. She’s desperate enough to do almost anything to keep a roof over her head and provide the financial support that’s needed for her daughter and ailing grandmother. When her estranged husband, Jacob Gray, reenters her life offering a lifeline she realizes she still loves him. Cameron has kept a painful secret that continues to be at the root of the unspoken words between them. She’s a woman of great faith, but regaining trust requires telling all and healing old wounds that she believes would destroy any chance for happiness they could have. Jacob Gray believed he’d spend the rest of his life loving his wife, that is until he discovered she was pregnant and there was no way it could be his child. He tried to put Cameron out of his mind and heart, but five years have passed and he still loves her. Jacob risks everything, including his fortune, in hopes of getting a second chance at love. Though he quickly discovers Cameron’s not interested in rekindling what they had years ago. Will Jacob convince her to forgive the mistakes in their past and allow each other to heal their broken hearts?

Book Review About Rhonda McKnight’s Book “Unbreak My Heart”

“Unbreak My Heart” is a page turner story of pride, unspoken secrets, bitterness and holding on to grudges that lasted for years. “Unbreak My Heart” written by Rhonda McKnight is a wonderful story about love and forgiveness. How do you mend your own broken heart? You unbreakable it by giving love another chance and learn to use the power of forgiveness. The power of love will always win victory and mend a broken hearts. Rhonda allows the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to created a story about love that will never does if we allow ourselves to fall in love again. Through the gift of Rhonda’s writing the readers can draws a picture the love and heartbreak that Cameron Scott experiences. What I love the most about this book were the well developed characters. Rhonda successfully captured how jumping to conclusions can destroy lives. The readers including me can agreed there were great subjects to discuss in this story about unforgiving hearts, family secrets and raising childrens. The message I was thinking about while reading “Unbreak My Heart” shows us that Everything is not as it appears.

“Unbreak My Heart” wasn’t a traditional Christian Narrative. There weren’t many scriptures from the Bible but the narrative was authentic. It presented a message of real life situations that we as Christians experience and the struggle with just individuals who aren’t Christians. Rhonda created the well developed characters that can portrayed us less than being perfect, with flaws and strongholds. Suddenly Cameron fallen down but with the Grace of God, she gotten back up by repented and moving forward with her life with a new job and a new man. I really enjoyed this story and this isn’t the first book that I read by this Author.

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