Racism Within The Kentucky Derby

Like most Southern “traditions,” the Kentucky Derby is one filled with racism. With its history whitewashed, the truth of this 🏇 horse racing event’s origin mirrors the dark path to Jim Crow discrimination.

America’s popular horse racing event, the Kentucky Derby, is steeped in racism.

Formerly enslaved Black men – who, during slavery, were tasked with raising prized cattle and horses, work whites deemed beneath them – were enlisted as jockeys for the race.

This would prove a lucrative career path for Black men.

With 13 of 15 Black jockeys racing in the 1875 inaugural Derby, this soon became the norm. Black men rode atop horses they trained, and with their knowledge and experience, dominated the field.

Money flowed in, and their celebrity boomed amongst white and Black fans alike.

Such admiration, however, bothered racist whites who hated seeing Black men thrive and succeed.

1896 was a dark time for Black people across the South. The Supreme Court backed Plessy v. Ferguson that year, a decision that would catapult the region into segregation.

Black jockeys soon dwindled in America’s most popular sporting event of the day.

Thanks to Black jockeys, the Kentucky Derby rose to fame. But with that rise came white envy and a subsequent great fall.

From 1921 to 2000, no Black jockeys raced in the event they put on the map.


Stop Telling People All Of Your Business

When people you didn’t tell your business to keep telling you about your business…God is telling you to stop running your mouth to people who run and tell your business. The problem is not that people know your business, the problem is that you don’t know who you’re talking to. To fix a leak, tell each of the one’s you talk to something different…and then sit back and wait to see which story gets back to you…or just cut everybody off and limit your circle to the spirits that you’ve tested. The Bible said test every spirit, not trust every spirit.

Patrick Weaver

You Need To Know The “SILENT KILLER” of Black Men

​The early death of John Singleton and other notable men, like Patrice O’Neal, Nate Dogg, and Luther Vandross, reminds us of one thing – our men die young. But do you know exactly why?

Black men have THE lowest life expectancy, compared to Black women and white men and women. And one of the primary drivers of Black men’s high death rates? Heart disease.

Black men are at the greatest risk of having a stroke and are more likely to have one at a younger age – Patrice O’Neal, Nate Dogg, and Luther Vandross all died due to stroke, which is linked to having high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension affects 40% of Black men and women and develops earlier in the lives of Black people, usually with more severe effects.

In fact, it’s known as a “silent killer” because of how it damages the body without any symptoms…

“By the time individuals with hypertension begin having symptoms, it means that the cumulative effects of elevated blood pressures, often over many years, have begun to cause damage to body organs such as the eyes, brain or kidneys,” says Dr. Carrie G. Lenneman, Associate Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The abysmal state of Black men’s health is a direct result of their dealing with discrimination, unemployment, poverty, and other racism-related stressors that wear and tear down the body.

We need to fight for better ways to live healthier and a more trustworthy medical system that can get Black men the help they need to live longer and better.


Church Let’s Talk About Mental Health

“Lord knows we need more openness in our congregations because (and this is a fact) 50% of adults will develop depression, PTSD, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, or some other mental illness in their lifetime.

Half of the people reading this article already have (or currently are). And for the sake of our family, friends and church leaders, we need to break the shame.” #LetYourLightShine #TakeYourShot #HelpsOnTheWay #WordAroundTown #BeMerciful #AboutThisLife


Stretching Your Seasons

Somebody is in a stretching season. When God is stretching you, what was easy becomes hard. What was a cake walk becomes a faith walk. In your stretching season, some things won’t make sense. Pray Attention: God stretches you to take your faith to a new dimension…what God has next for you requires your next level of faith. God didn’t tell the children Israel to march around Jericho for the victory, God told the children of Israel to march around Jericho to stretch their faith for the victory He already promised. Your walking might not make sense in your stretching season but keep marching…when the walls fall, you will understand the stretching.

Patrick Weaver



Author: Gary T. Taylor

Publisher: Life Bridge Publishing

Number of Pages: 58

About The Author

Gary T. Taylor, aka Trey (1988-current) born in Fredericksburg, Virginia and native of Caroline County, Virginia. Gary is a published author and Master’s Level Social Worker by profession. He is a Mental Health Advocate with special emphasis on the education of Mental Health in the African-American Community. His hobbies are of course writing, playing and coaching basketball, sneakers, customizing cars, coffee, and spending time with his family.

About This Book

You Good Fam? A simple moniker asked in the black community that has multiple definitions depending on the context. In this context, Gary uses the moniker to increase dialogue about Mental Health in the Black Community. Gary draws in on his own personal experience as a black man, background as a social worker and over 6 plus years in the field of Mental Health to conceptualize how black people perceive Mental Health. Take time to fully digest the Mental Health keys presented in the book, and ask yourself are you truly Good Fam

Book Review About Gary T. Taylor’s Book “YOU GOOD FAM?”

Gary T. Taylor created a marvelous book “You Good FAM?” This is worth reading a mandatory reading for everyone to understand the importance of awareness about Mental Health and Wellness in the Black Community. It is especially also need to be talking about in The Black Church Community because they still believe it is a taboo. I should knows about the Church because I was called a punk for wanted to kill myself. I was told by Church members that I don’t have faith because I am battling depression and a saved person doesn’t supposed to be depressed. I didn’t listen to them and decided to get help with a Licensed professional that deals with Mental Health. That was the best decision that I ever made. I also change my membership to a new Church at First Baptist Church of Crown Heights and I get do many support and love with the works I am doing to breaking the stigma about Mental Illness. I makes sure that I educated myself about not only my Mental Illness diagnosis but I also learning about every diagnosis about Mental Illness.

There were a lot of significant enlightenment that was provided by this amazing young black author with a keen and practical perspective on mental health. The things Gary spoken about the things that I have recently been talking about with some of my fellow Mental Health Peer Counselor. Mental Health Awareness/Mental Illnesses in the black community is something that needs to have a discussion. With “You GOOD FAM?” and his work in Mental Health, Gary is empower us into creating a comfort level between all to do so.

Gary allows God to anoints his pen to create an excellent and a well develop book about awareness of Mental Illness in the Black Community. Again I worked in the Mental Health Sector at Metropolitan Hospital- NYCHHC as a Mental Health Peer Counselor in the Inpatient Unit. I believe that God wanted this book to come into existence not only for us to take care of our temple and our mind but to be brought to light so much knowledge in for the readers like myself to have a better understanding. I encourage every readers to share the information about this book and encourage them to read it for themselves. “YOU GOOD FAM” is corresponding an eye opener and should definitely empower us to have a conversation about a subject that affects Everyone in this life.

April 2019 Change Gospel Magazine

This month Change Gospel Magazine is here. Please make sure you read all the articles from these gifted anointed writers. My article about Lisa Abernathy Frank Lisa Frank Certified-LifeCoach Book “Faith Through The Fog” on Pages 22 and 23. Please click on the links @ http://www.changesoe.com then click on the Magazine Cover PDF. Be Blessed!!!

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Choose Your Time Wisely

This is a mirror moments we all need to look at about our lives. Times that we wasted on things and on individuals we don’t get back. Choose your time wisely.
Imagine finding someone you love like this, someone who makes you smile like this daily and suddenly it’s snatched away.
Imaging being Diddy. Almost 50 and having one of the longest playboy phases ever and the woman you love dies suddenly. Then you have to admit to yourself and to the world, you loved her and wasted her years and yours because you thought you had time. 
Imaging being Nipsey, 33, and you KNOW Lauren is the woman for you but y’all are taking y’all’s time because you’re young and you think you have the time to pace yourselves in your relationship. Then you get killed before y’all can have that married, forever after type love you were pacing yourselves for. 
Imagine being Greg and Nene, married twice, promising for better or for worse. You live the high life because life has always been on the for better side and then cancer comes knocking at your door and y’all are being torn apart because no one tells you how to handle the for worse part when it could end in death. And you don’t know which trip to the hospital will be “that trip”, so you stay on edge, arguing about trivial things…wasting time. 
Time is limited. Time is valuable. Time is of the essence. Time waites for no one. Time is the only thing that we can never know for sure, how much we possess. Why waste any of it on trivial mess?