Black History Moments: Phillipa Duke Schuyler

Phillipa Duke Schuyler ( August 2, 1931- May 9, 1967) Musical Prodigy-Journalist. One of the most unusual and perhaps most tragic figures in American cultural history,she gained national acclaim as a child prodigy on the piano. Her picture graced the covers of weekly news magazines , and she was hailed as a young American Mozart. Schuyler’s life during adulthood, however was a difficult one. She struggled with racial discrimination and with issues related to her mixed-race background, traveling the world in an attempt to find not only musical success,but also an identity, and a place in the world. She turned to writing in the early 1960’s visiting war zones as a newspaper correspondent and she was killed in a helicopter crash in Vietnam in 1967. After her death she was mostly forgotten for several decades, but her life story was told in a 1995 biography, and in 2004, R&B vocalist-Alicia Keys , a classically trained pianist of mixed- background herself, announced plans to star in a film about Schuyler’s life. #BlackHistoryMoments


Change Gospel Magazine February 2018

In this month issues of Change Gospel Magazine please read all of the articles from the first page to the last page from my fellow God Given Gifted Writers. My article about H.Author H H Fowler book on pages 16 and 17, Also Derrick Parker article on Pages 18 and 19 is a sermon in an article format.To read these and many other articles go to Change Gospel Magazine 1.when you get to the website, scroll down a bit until you see this Months issue of the Magazine. 2. Click on the Magazine and it will then open. 3. After it opens, go to the LOWER RIGHT CORNER of the page and click, the pages will turn. If you are using your phone or tablet, then click on the PDF and scroll up or down the view the Magazine Thank you. We Love you guys.
As we bring you this month’s issue of our online magazine, we want to take the time to send out a prayer of encouragement to you all.  Many of us are facing obstacles in your life that is eating away at our hope.  But don’t be dismayed…this too shall pass.  Cry if you must.  Scream if you must…But know that your morning will come when you find your joy.  May God give you the strength that you need to go through this chapter in your life.  Bring all your burdens to Him.  Enjoy reading… Be Blessed…Stay Encouraged.  David Hawkins (Publisher/Editor)

Black Gospel History Moments: Reverend Isaac Douglas

Rev. Isaac Douglas was born on May 13, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on February 1, 1988 in Dallas, Texas, apparently from a combination of diabetes and kidney failure. Isaac was a great singer with a deep strong voice, which was complimented by the numerous choirs he would sing with. Isaac sang gospel at a young age, he joined Raymond Rasberry and the Rasberry Singers in the 1950’s, when aged 15. In the 1960’s Ruth Davis selected him to join her group The Ruth Davis Singers, Isaac also performed with the Edwin Newberry Singers. Isaac moved to New York in the mid-1960s and formed his first, all-male singing gospel group, the Isaac Douglas Singers, their first release for United Artists Records was Lord Have Mercy. Isaac then co-founded the New York Community Choir. This group sang backing vocals for Nikki Giovanni’s popular album, Truth Is On The Way. Among the group’s regular concert venues were New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and appearances on shows such as Soul. Isaac became influenced by Rev James Cleveland, in the early 1970s Isaac moved to Los Angeles establishing his own ministry. At the same time Isaac signed with Nashboro/Creed Records, as did the New York Community Choir. Isaac then moved to Nashville where he continued recording with choirs including the Johnson Ensemble, their most popular song together was ‘The Harvest Is Plentiful’.

Isaac sang with many great choirs including the Birmingham Community Choir, Savannah Mass Choir, Houston Mass Choir, First Tabernacle of Deliverance Choir, Westminister Evangelistic Choir, Doug Ike Interdenominational Mass Choir, New Jerusalem Mass Choir (Greensboro), Var-Son Community Choir and the Wilmington Chester Mass Choir. Isaac recorded at least 36 albums of his own or as a guest vocalist on other singers/groups albums. During his 33 year carer, Isaac sang with many labels including Nashboro/Creed Records, Savoy, Glori, Hob, Phil La Of Soul, GosPearl, North Bay Records, Morada, Black Label and Avi, 



1016-: First Tabernacle of Deliverance Choir with Reverend Isaac Douglas- I’m Never Left Alone, 1973

Minit Gospel Records
40019-: Isaac Douglas & The Douglas Singers- Lord Have Mercy

3027-: Isaac Douglas and The New York City Community Choir-  Faith Will Survive
3031-: Isaac Douglas and The Isaac Douglas Singers- If You Gained The Whole World
​3036-: Isaac Douglas and The New York City Community Choir- A Little Faith
3045-: Birmingham Community Choir featuring Rev. Isaac Douglas- Why Can’t I, 1973
3047-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- You’ve Got A Friend
3056-: Rev. Isaac Douglas with the Johnson Ensemble- The Harvest Is Plentiful, 1974
3059-: Rev. Isaac Douglas With The Twenty First Century Singers And Royal Gospel Singers- Do You Know Him, 1974
3064-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- By The Grace Of God, 1975
3075-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The Isaac Douglas Singers- You Really Ought To Get To Know Him
3081-: Rev. Isaac Douglas featuring The San Francisco Community Singers and The Twenty-First Century Singers- Special Appearance
3090-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- You Light Up My Life, 1979
3097-: Isaac Douglas And Watson Grove- I Need You, 1980
3107-: Isaac Douglas And The New York City Community Choir- Star Flite, 1981
3113-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- The Best Of Rev. Isaac Douglas
23076-: The Savannah Community Choir (under the direction of E. Larry McDuffie) with Rev. Isaac Douglas- Stand Up For Jesus (Double Lp)

14426-: Rev. Isaac Douglas Sings With The New York City Community Choir- Until You Come Again, 1976
14539-: The Total Experience Choir Featuring Special Guest Rev. Isaac Douglas- Lift Him Up, 1979
14552-: Rev. Isaac Douglas and the Frank Williams Choral Ensemble with the New Jerusalem Mass Choir Of The New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Greensboro, N.C. – I’ll Rise Again, 1980
14665-: Rev. Isaac Douglas And The Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir- They Shall Be Mine
14720-: Issac Douglas and the John Howard Gospel Caravan- He That Endureth, 1985
7004-: The Gospel Workshop Of America Mass Choir – Live In Cleveland, Ohio, 1975 (soloist on “He Is So Wonderful” and on “Save Me Lord” with Rev. James Cleveland). 
7006-: The Gospel Workshop Of America Mass Choir- Recorded Live In New York, N.Y., 1976 (soloist on “Touch Christ)
7016-: The Gospel Music Workshop Of America Mass Choir – Live In Detroit, Michigan, Special 10th Anniversary Edition, 1978 (soloist on “I Want To Be Ready” with Rodney Foster). 
7043-: The Gospel Music Workshop Mass Choir- Save The Lost, 1980 (vocalist on songs “He’s A Friend Of Mine” and on “He Wouldn’t Lift You Up (To Let You Down)”. 
7044-: Isaac Douglas and the Var-Son Community Choir- No One Gets The Prize For Eternal Life (Except You Make A Sacrifice), 1980
7060-: Isaac Douglas and the Var-Son Community Choir- He Keeps On Making A Way For Me, 1982
7068-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The Savannah Mass Choir Of The Gospel Music Workshop Of America- I Found A Cure

Phil La Of Soul
4005-: Louise Williams With Isaac Douglas And The New York Community Choir- Don’t Blame The Children, 1977

1100-: Rev. Issac Douglas Featuring Ricky Fowler & The Dynamics- He Lives, 1978

5004-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- Live, 1980
50011-: Rev.Isaac Douglas And The Charles Fold Singers- Live
50017-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The First Tabernacle Of Deliverance Choir Of New York City- I’m Never Left Alone, 1981
50020-: Rev. Isaac Douglas with the Birmingham Community Choir- Self Titled, 1981
8436-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The Birmingham Community Choir- Self Titled

Black Label
3005-: Rev Isaac Douglas And The St. Jude Deliverance Choir Of Indianapolis, Indiana- Self Titled, 1981

005-: Rev. Isaac Douglas- God’s Way, 1983

16029-: Timothy Wright & Isaac Douglas And The Original Community Choir- A Love Reunion, 1985

1228-: Isaac Douglas Singers- Open Up Your Heart/ Farther Forgive Me

5211-: Isaac Douglas & The New York Community Choir- On Christ The Solid Rock/ Save Thyself, 1972
5213-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The Douglas Singers- Guide Me/ I’m Determined, 1972
5229-: Rev. Isaac Douglas & The Johnson Ensemble- The Harvest Is Plentiful/ Lord Keep Me Day By Day, 1975
5246-: Rev Issac Douglas- You Light Up My Life/ Jesus Is On The Main Line

North Bay Records
310-: Louise Williams With Isaac Douglas & The New York Community Choir- Don’t Blame The Children/ Don’t Blame The Children, 1973

Black History Moments: Lucille E. Campbell

Black History Month                          Lucie E. Campbell                                   (Lucie Eddie Campbell-Williams) (April 30, 1885 – January 3, 1963) was an African American composer and singer of hymns, as well as an educator and advocate for social justice.
At age nineteen, Campbell organized a group of Beale Street musicians into the Music Club. Other members later were added to form a thousand-voice choir that performed at the National Baptist Convention. At the organizational meeting of the National Sunday and Baptist Training Union Congress held in Memphis in 1915, “Miss Lucie” was elected as Music Director. She penned songs for the Congress and wrote musical pageants exhorting the young to give their lives to Christian service. In addition to writing religious music for the Congress, she also wrote the Congress’ study lessons, as well as other instructional materials.
In 1919, Campbell published her first song, “Something Within”, which was followed by more than one hundred others, including “The Lord is My Shepherd”, “Heavenly Sunshine”, “The King’s Highway”, “Touch Me Lord Jesus”, “He Understands” and “He’ll Say Well Done”. The core of “He’ll Say Well Done”, written in 1933, was covered as “End of My Journey” by various artists over the decades, including The Rebels with Jim Hamill, Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, The Famous Davis Sisters of Philadelphia, Delores “Mom” Winans, Ferlin Husky, the duet of Donald Vails and Debbie Steele Hayden, and Ernest Tubb, among many others.
Campbell also introduced promising young musicians such as Marian Anderson and J. Robert Bradley to the world. “Miss Lucie” introduced Anderson to the National Baptist Convention and served as her accompanist. In 1955, Campbell’s loyalty and dedication to the Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress was recognized when she was named as one of the principal lecturers during the 50th Anniversary Session held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
In 1946, she was named to the National Policy Planning Commission of the National Education Association. She was elected vice president of the American Teachers Association and from 1941 to 1946 she served as president of the Tennessee Teachers Association. She was also the music director of the National Baptist Convention’s Sunday School and the Union Congress of the Baptist Young People.[2]
Campbell was an activist for civil justice. She defied the Jim Crow streetcar laws when she refused to relinquish her seat in the section reserved for whites, and as president of the Negro Education Association she struggled with governmental officials to redress the inequities in the pay scale and other benefits for Negro teachers.

RED- The New RuleBook Christian Suspense

Title: RED- The New RuleBook Christian Suspense

Author: Joy Ohagwu

Publisher: Life Fountain Media 

Number of Pages: 221

ISBN10: 1508898014

ISBN13:978- 1508898016

About The Author

By God’s grace, Joy Ohagwu is an award-winning, bestselling author of The New Rulebook Christian Romantic Suspense series. She writes heartwarming stories with a healthy dose of suspense, divine inspiration, and happy endings. Life has taken her to two different continents, through rough waters but God’s grace alone has enabled her commit to public service whenever the opportunity arises to support people in need. She earned a Masters’ degree in International Affairs, a Bachelors’ degree in Political Science and has been honored with fourteen individual awards for excellence. 

She credits Jesus with having turned her life around, averted multiple life derailments for her, and she’s grateful to be writing stories that embody grace, hope, love, and and second (and multiple) chances.

Her readers have described her books as “making me feel what the character is feeling”, “Christian Suspense at its finest!” and “Joy has a way with words that grip you and keeps you turning pages”.

You can visit her website at or send her a note at Joy likes to hear from her readers, especially those who pause in the middle of reading one of her books, just to send her an email to let her know they’re thoroughly enjoying it. 

She’s a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) organization and lives in the Washington DC capital region. Join her VIP Readers Club to receive a FREE gift.

Reading Order for series:

The New Rulebook Series
1- Red
2- Snowy Peaks
3- The Wedding
4- Vanished
5- Rescued
6- Delivered
7- Freedom 
8- Rest
9- Sunshine

After Series:
1- After
2- Jabez
3- After 2
4-After 3 (coming soon)

The Pleasant Hearts Series:
1-Uncommon Ground
2-Unbound Hope
3- Unveiled Truth (coming soon)

Elliot-King Series:
1- Decoy
2- A Home Redeemed (coming soon)

About This Book

Orphaned. Hunted. Framed for murder. And on the run. Who is Ruby Masters?

“A journey of the soul.”

Gripped by shock at the site of a presumed routine package delivery run, business woman and entrepreneur Ruby “Red” Masters just saw a woman die. And she discovered The New Rulebook, something she knew nothing about. But it knew everything about her, enough to frame her for murder. As the clock ticks, Ruby calls on the one person she trusts, her best friend and police officer, Robert Towers. Robert will find a way out. He always has. 

But as they race against time and beyond the reach of an unknown enemy, Ruby didn’t count on Robert falling in love with her–and turning Christian. Robert’s unrelenting grip on his newfound faith irritates Ruby, until she’s captured behind enemy lines. When all human effort fails her, will she find that what she needed was right there all along? Or will she rebuff the love of the God she doesn’t see, and that of the man she’d always known as simply a friend?

The Book Review about RED- The New RuleBook Christian Suspense

Joy Ohagwu written a great book “RED – The New RuleBook Christian Suspense” is a wonderful Suspense and mystery novels based with a Christian Foundation. I really believes that Joy Ohagwu created this Christian Suspense and Mystery story in the purpose to challenge the minds of the readers. 

Suspense and mystery novels are a great way to challenge our minds. That’s one reason why I read them so often. I purposely look for suspense writers who writes a story about reconciliation, salvation and forgiveness. Also I love the way how the story have a message through the Word of God. I also love reading fantasy or science fiction with a Christian foundation. So when I find an author who can write this way successfully while engaging the reader’s comphrension, I love to tell others. “RED- The New RuleBook Christian Suspense”  fulfills comply with of sound mind at the very words of criteria. Joy Ohagwu is my favorite new Christian Suspense Writer and I am going to read the rest of the books in the New RuleBook Christian Suspense Series. This storyline reminds me of a Mission Impossible Movie franchise but A Christian Suspense Version. Robert and Ruby(Red) been friends since their childhood living in an orphanage. All those years ago, they always look out for each other, joining forces and becoming fast friends. Now as adults, they were each traveling their own paths, nevertheless they stay in contact and very supportive of each other. Both busy in their own lives, until one day Ruby observed she been framed for murder. Alarmed, the first person she thought about to call was her friend Robert.

From the beginning to the end of “RED” they were running for their lives, hunted by a mysterious force that seemed to know their every move. It had something to do with The New Rulebook. What was the New Rulebook? Think of a ultramodern TRON corrupted. Or an Anakin Skywalker’s desire to take charge of the universe benevolently, for the good of everyone, turned sour. The meme, a good idea falls into the wrong hands. And why could Spock not defeat Captain Kirk at 3-D chess? Because he made randomly moves that despise logic. Remarkably how did Ruby and Robert survivee through their ordeal? They experienced two things in their blessing and grace. You will discover by reading this Christian Suspense. And while the story comes to a delightful completion, although the overall plot is not quite completely. There is more to come in the next books in the New RuleBook Series. I can’t wait to read these and find out what comes next. Please read this book for yourself and I recommend this to become a Christian Suspense Movie. 

The Doctor’s Faith

Title: The Doctor’s Faith : A Christian Romance Story

Author: Nikki Smith

Publisher: Nikki Smith

Number of Pages: 158


About This Book

Twenty-four year old Lynette ‘Peaches’ Carter is a beautiful, smart, and talented girl. However, a rough upbringing — one full of strife — makes it difficult for her to let her beautiful, God-given light shine. When she comes face-to-face with the consequences of the fast-paced, out of control lifestyle that she’s been living, she realizes that God is the only one who is able to pull her from the depths of despair. Through prayer and steadfast faith, she’s able to turn her life completely around. Those closest to her eventually forgive her for the transgressions of her past—all but one person that is…. The strikingly handsome and very saved Dr. Antoine White has known Lynette ‘Peaches’ Carter every since they were kids. Deep down inside, he knows Lynette is a decent person. However, will he be able to move beyond the mistakes she’s made in the past? Will he be able to forgive and allow their slowly blossoming love to grow? 

The Doctor’s Faith Book Review

Nikki Smith created an awesome book “The Doctor’s Faith”. I truly enjoyed reading this Christian Romance narrative. In the commencement of the story we are acquainted with Lynette ‘Peaches’ Carter who is a beautiful, smart, and talented girl. Although a stormy upbringing with a full of obstacles in life that make it challenging for her to let her beautiful, God-Given light shine. Just after Peaches comes face to face with the consequences of the rapid canter, out of control lifestyle that God is the only one who is able to direct her from the depths of desperation. By way of prayer and steadfast faith I believe that Peaches be able to turn her life completely around.

Those individuals who she done harm to eventually forgive her for the transgressions of her past except for one person. Dr. Antione White who is Tiana’s brother knew Peaches since they were kids. Antione knows that Peaches is a decent person but will he be able to move beyond the mistakes Peaches made in the past? Will Antoine be able to forgive Peaches for what she did to his sister?

This storyline ministers to the readers through the characters drawing a picture to let’s us know that we aren’t perfect. We as Christian have a past that we aren’t proud of. The life lessons is that we shouldn’t be judging others for their shortcomings. We all made mistakes but we learn from it and move forward through Jesus Christ. 

Nikki Smith is a gifted writer who have the gifts of created a Christian Romance Fiction that put the focus about God’s grace in a tremendous realistic manner. The characters and Storyline are well developed. After reading “The Doctor’s Faith”, I love the way how the story unfolding through the Characters that God always prevails and His greatness show through. I am looking forward to read more works by Nikki Smith. 

The New Pastor ( Bethel Community Book 1)

Title: The New Pastor

Author: Sherman Cox

Publisher: Red Candle Publishing

Number of Pages: 212


About the Author 

Sherman Cox holds a M.S. In Computer Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a M.Div in Homiletics from Vanderbilt Divinity School. While at Vanderbilt, he was awarded the Florence Conwell Prize for outstanding work in the area of preaching. He has worked as an author, minister, and software developer.

About This Book

Perennial student Elliot James has racked up many degrees and is contemplating another to continue postponing life. When his roommate forced Elliot to find a job, he applied for the secretarial position at Bethel Community Church. But, in a case of mistaken identity, the ranking church officer thought Elliot was the perfect candidate for the open pastoral position. He must become a pastor in a hurry because the church is falling apart. The church needed a jolt and Elliot needed a job. Find out what happens when a novice minister finds himself in the driver’s seat of a church? Will the church find their perfect pastor, or will they send him packing?

The New Pastor Book Review

I really enjoyed “The New Pastor” because through the Characters shows the readers that God uses all things for good. This was my first time reading a book by Sherman Cox and I found  this book really great. I love this Christian narrative with a little drama, romance and the trials and tribulations with church folks.  Sherman Cox created a well written story with well developed characters that I really didn’t want to stop reading. There were also some comedy in “The New Pastor” with the character of Elliot who was a freeloader and didn’t want to work. The character of Reverend David Michael is an individual who have a role of a minister of the Gospel that in my opinion wasn’t called to preach. He is a perfect example of individuals in the Church are in roles that aren’t ordained by God. Reverend David Michael didn’t care or do real ministry of the Church like caring for the elderly of the Church or the youths. The only two things he is only interested in fame and money. He treated his girlfriend Shereese Harris like trash. Minister Aaron who is like a father to Shereese could see right through the mask that David Michael wearing. He believes that Shereese deserves to be with someone better that is going to treat her like a lady. 

The life lessons in this story through the Characters that you can lied to the people but God will exposed your lies. It is better to be honest and go through the process. Even though Elliot pretend to be an experience Pastor but in my opinion that God brought him to Bethel Community Church to continue the works of Reverend Harris legacy of Community Ministry. God also was bringing transformation into Elliot life to be a better person. 

During the times of being Interim Pastor of Bethel Community Church, Elliot noticed a lot of challenges that Bethel we’re facing. Elliot challenges the Congregation of Bethel are they willing to do the work that God required us to do. He practice what he preached by delivery his Sermon in the first part in his work clothes in the pulpit. His sermon was about Standing Firm In Your Blessing. He empowers the Congregation to stop talking about getting their blessing but start to be a blessings to others. This is a great message for us to start be a blessing to others. The second part of his Sermon, he instructed the Congregation to change into their work clothes and meet him at the Senior center to clean up the building for the glorified purpose of the ministry of God. That part of the seminar in which everyone can take part in by their actions and not on their words. After their work in the building, Elliot pray the bendection for dissimal of the Church Services. He took the Church out of the four walls Sanctuary into the Community that they supposedly to serve. The Characters in this story should inspires us to dedicates one Sunday  a month not just go to Church but do services in the community just like Elliot did. That’s true Church ministry in my personal opinion. I am looking forward to read more works by this Man of God, Sherman Cox. I encourage this Author to write a Sequel to this story to see how Bethel Community Church are doing today and to vision about Elliot and Shereese romance and Christian Living with Christ. 

The Purpose of the Test That God Given Unto Us

You can choose not to accept the test. You can walk away from this lesson. You can accept less than what God planned for your life. But God trusted you to handle this. God put this test in your path because you have the hope that sees past the present, beleives in the impossible, and trusts all things will work together for the good. God chose you, your relationship, your life for this test because the miracle that God planned for you takes faith that only a few have.  If you walk through this fire, you will find God waiting on the other side with a blessing that will blow your mind. By Patrick Weaver

The Relationship Didn’t Break Overnight

The relationship didn’t break overnight, and it won’t be fixed overnight. Pain and poison do much damage, and they both drain slowly. Don’t focus on them, align your thoughts and commitments with the word. Stay in peace and patiently let God do the mending. If you work on you, and put your confidence in God, you will be rewarded: “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded” (Hebrew​ 10:35). If God be for you, nothing can be against you. By Patrick Weaver

ESQUIRE :The Lawyer of Faith

Title: ESQUIRE: The Lawyer of Faith

Author: T.K. Ware

Publisher: Insightful Creations Publication

Number of Pages: 110

About The Author

Tshombye Kentrell Ware, raised in Albany, Ga. A young man endowed with creativity, moved to the city of Macon Georgia, to continue his education. Upon graduation the creativity began to emerge. Kentrell would often times would drift away and find himself writing from the imagination that lingered within. This led to the creation of a Christian CD entitled “L.O.C” The Love of Christ. Upon completion of high school, Kentrell traveled to the great state of Alabama by way of an athletic scholarship to Lurleen B Wallace College. Kentrell, being a man of vivid imaginations, would discover his creativity while obtaining studies at the local college. Kentrell was drawn to particular classes that promoted his creativity. These included Psychology, English, and History courses just to name a few. As the years progressed, so did his creativity. Oftentimes Kentrell would share his faith with other collegiate students through a gift called the spoken word. As the door to inspiration continued to open, Kentrell became drawn toward writing; which led to his inspired creations.T.K. Ware has a passion for writings that offer a subliminal message that minister to the body, soul and spirit. A firm supporter to those who seek to employ the world through inspired writings. Many of his titles are unpublished. He has chosen to release certain titles throughout the days, months and years, as the seasons change.”If something I write or have written can help someone make it through the day, then my writing is with purpose; my only desire is to encourage, motivate and uplift others through my words of inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is a certain inspired word to steer many into the right direction. I don’t want to be someone who just writes to write. I want to be that person who helped and encouraged others through his writings. I am only a vessel, seeking to inspire others as we live this life of faith…to live again.”

Twitter & Instagram: @GospelWriter8

LinkedIn: Tshombye Ware 

About This Book

Francis Newberry was a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a faithful servant of the Lord—those qualities shifted when her life was threatened by her abusive husband. A heated argument created a ghastly scene that sent Missionary Francis to jail for the crime of a double homicide—husband and the neighbor. Frozen in unprecedented horror, she turns to the one man known as ESQUIRE. As the case unfold, strangers from the past resurface and the eyes within the darkness is revealed— a devilish plot created by a pack of evil men with one agenda.Charles enters a trial of injustice that will cost him something most precious.

ESQUIRE: The Lawyer of Faith Book Review

Mr. T. K. Ware written another great Christian Suspense story, “ESQUIRE: The Lawyer of Faith”. This great Christian Suspense story focused again on the character, Charles Everson who is a successful defense attorney. The narrative started with the character, Francis who is a Church Missionary being charged with double homicide. The victims are her husband and a police officer. Charles Everson was watching the news explaining “A middle aged woman was arrested for allegedly committed double homicide. The husband was shot in the chest and head. When the officer broke into the home, he was shot in the head and shoulder. Both men are now on life support and in the event of death, this woman can be prosecuted for a double homicide. The State will most likely seek the maximum amount of time for the shooting of a police officer and an unarmed man. The police are conducting a thorough investigation…” Now you know what that really means? There are a lot of Twists and Turns in this book. Everytime you think you know what going to happens then there is something else takes place. 

I read “ESQUIRE: The Lawyer of Faith” in one day because the story is very interesting from the cover until the last page. There is something about receiving a gift that turns out to be a 9mm gun, especially when it was inscribed, made this Christian Suspense narrative very entertaining that I couldn’t stop reading until the conclusion. This isn’t the first book of T.K. Ware’s that I’ve read, and I look forward to much more from T.K. Ware, although this is the one that is my favorite book. As usual, T.K Ware always provided a great stories drawing a picture in Sermon to shows the readers that there is faith and hope in every situations. Also we should put our trust in God, and with a great story line mixed with twists, turns, and justice. I thoroughly enjoyed this well written story, and read it from the title page to the final page in one day. I definitely recommends this story, and read many of his works. 

**This book was given to me by the Author in the purpose of writing a honest review about this book