Rich Black Kids and Depression

Black teens aged 13-17 were asked by researchers whether or not people believed they were smart, honest, treated with respect and if they received poor service in restaurants.The data was damning. The responses showed that affluent Black kids tend to be more depressed than poorer Black children.

Having more money also means having more stress, according to the data.While white teens from affluent families were less stressed, Black teens were more stressed because they were over-achievers.

Researchers discovered that affluent white teens usually crack under the same pressure Black teens overcome.

But this “goal-striving stress” is a coping mechanism for Black teens.

Another issue researchers believe causes depression is isolation. Black teens were not finding friends and making connections in majority white schools.

The real culprit is “imposter syndrome”- or feeling like you are out of place. Black teens would result to “John Henryism,” working twice as hard and enduring tremendous stress just to feel they truly belong.