Stop Fighting

People are dying like everyday and every minute in our life time. Its soooo time for us to stop fighting, beefing,judging, gossiping, and competing with each other.We as Christians need to stop looking down on others and start to encouraging each others.Image We need to start to get along with each other.  The next minute is not promised to no one. Lets Get Our House In Order.

God Have A Plan For You

Seeking The Spirit In The Word of God
It really is not hard, if you have the money to pay your mortgage, it means God wants you remaining where you are. If you do not have the money to pay your mortgage, it means God plans on moving you to another place. If you have a job that pays you well, than God wants you there, and if you get laid off from that job, it means God didn’t want you there. Now unless you or i think we are wiser than God, no reason or need to fret over anything in life, because last i checked, this universe was created by HIS WISDOM, not ours, which means He clearly knows what HE IS DOING with our lives and its our role to trust in what He is doing!


The next time when you see the word “Impossible” change that word to “I am Possible”. Take Impossible out of your vocabulary and said that I am Possible. You are changing a negative statement into a positive statement.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is Impossible, but with God all things are Possible.” – Mathew 19:26

You Don’t Need Anyone Approval For Success

There are some people out there who may not express happiness for your successes. They may not say how proud they are of you or won’t bring themselves to show joy for your accomplishments. Don’t seek their approval or validation if they are not willing to give to you freely. Search for blessings inside yourself and be confident that you have done greatness. You dont need anyone’s praise to make you feel valuable. Believe in yourself that you are worthy and that no one’s opinion or lack of approval makes you or breaks you. What others think about you in not as important as what you think of yourself. Believe in You!
~Brigitte Nicole 
Lessons Learned In Life