Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan

Title: Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan – Writing, Research & Publishing Guides

Author: Brooke McGlothin

Publisher: Brooke McGlothlin Media

Number of Pages: 37 pages




About The Author:    

Brooke McGlothlin received her B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Tech (1999) and her Masters in Counseling from Liberty University (2003). She served for over 10 years as Director of Clinical Services in local Pregnancy Care ministry before making the best choice of her life–staying home with her boys. Brooke uses her ministry experience to reach women, writing to bring hope to the messes of life (in the midst of her own messy life).

In 2010, Brooke co-founded Raising Boys Ministries, where moms and dads come to discover delight in the chaos of raising boys. You can find her writing at The MOB Society blog about fighting for the hearts of her sons, and raising godly men. Her books include Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most (Bethany House, January 2014), Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess (co-authored with Stacey Thacker), and How to Control Your Emotions, So They Don’t Control You: A Mom’s Guide to Overcoming (an Ebook). Brooke is a contributing writer at The Better Mom blog, and has been a featured blogger at LifeWay’s ParentLife blog, with a featured article on raising hard-to-handle boys in LifeWay’s ParentLife magazine in September 2013. A normal day finds Brooke homeschooling her two boys, wrangling two large Labs, Toby and Siri, and falling more and more in love with the man she’s had a crush on since the third grade (who just happens to be her husband). She enjoys playing hard with her boys, searching for beauty through photography, and serving on the Board of Directors for Blue Ridge Women’s Center, a local Pregnancy Care Ministry.

Follow her on Twitter as @BrookeWrites.

About This Book:  

The writing dream lives in many hearts. It took me years to realize it, but sitting in a room of 500 other women who were all hoping for a chance to be seen, heard, and noticed … the message was loud and clear.God may not plan to use me in the way I dreamed He would.

Are you an aspiring writer?

Do you have a dream in your heart to be great?

Do you feel like no one cares about your writing?

Like no one sees you?

Like you’re one in a million?

Do you wonder why God doesn’t give you the desire of your heart?

You’re not alone…Perhaps this writing journey and all of its failures and flops is the very means He has chosen to make you more like His Son.“Brooke has her pulse on the heart of what it means to be a writer of faith. She’ll encourage, challenge, and come alongside you in these pages. And in doing so, she’ll change your words and your world for the better.”   ~ Holley Gerth, of DaySpring’s Incourage (a division of Hallmark) and author of Rain on Me: Devotions of Hope and Encouragement for Difficult Times

Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan Book Review:

Wow! This book “Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan” really spoke to me so deeply personally right to my heart, mind and soul. I believe that Brooke McGlothin written this book respectively for me and anyone that wants to become a writer. God uses the anointed pen to guide Brooke’s hand to write a message that was on her heart to minister to the readers. It’s great to read books like this one to help any aspiring writers or Aspiring Authors to follow their dreams to write and realize that we must put God first in our journey in the publishing world. This book is short but the messages itself is powerful that it will empower anyone who is reading what Brooke wants us to know from her own experiences. “Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan” is an inspiring book and I believe it was ordained by God through this Author. I truly believe that Brooke’s prayers were answer about constantly manner of this anointed manual, every chapter and sentences, and for every person that would be touch by reading Brooke’s message that would be able to relate with the message of hope, truth and the plan that God’s desire for the reader’s life. I love how Brooke created this book that gets straight to the point and halt there from the first page to the last page. Her credibility about her own writing journey left me amazed as I am working on my own writing journey. She described into words the way that many of us felt about our own passion and the call that we felt that it came from God including writing. Sometimes characterize that call can be a constant struggle for many. By reading “Notes To Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan” can empower us to have full understanding that our calling isn’t all about the writing or the dream to someday to be published. This is all about the plan that God have for us. This is the opportunity for us to develop a personal relationship by Reading His Word, Communicate with Him, Have Faith in Him and everything that we do including writing that we must put God first daily.

Every Chapter that I read in this book, I believe that it will direct you further and further down the right path of discovering your own life’s assignment and the true meaning of success from God  and not our own definition of success. While reading this book, even though I already published three books but I am having a new understanding that life is filled with hopes, dreams, the giving and letting go of things that aren’t good for us. In this book, Brooke wants you to know not to sacrifice your family or your salvation with God over your dreams.  Brooke share her personal testimony by overcoming her struggles and jealousy of others. We all can learn from Brooke that we can experience God’s miracles in which all of these things that make up the sanctification process. We need to realize that God is more concern in our heart, soul and the eagerness to shift our temporal dreams for God’s eternal dreams.

Brooke will let you know up front that this book is not a tips-and-tricks-of-the-trade kind of book, but to some degree a look at the heart of the writer that our heavenly father cares about in the conclusion. God really cares about all of our heart and souls that including the writer. Her book is consider to be a combination of life lessons,and rite of passage lessons she developed as walking the journey of the publishing path. The message that I want to share with you as a published author that you can do anything that you set your mind to do. You definitely need to surround yourself with positive individuals that will help you to succeed in your journey. Don’t allow anyone to interrupt your success. You need to go after your dreams that God have for you. Last year when I was in the hospital for depression, people couldn’t believe that I am an Author. One doctor told me that if you are an Author then why are you suffering from depression. I told the doctor just because I have mental illness that it doesn’t define who I am. I told the doctor, please do not tell me what I can’t do. Can’t is not in my vocabulary. I can do all thing through Christ. You must speak life and act like you are living in Victory. You need to say I am a Conqueror. For anyone that have the desire to become a writer then please make sure you purchase this book. Thank You Brooke L. McGlothin for writing this book and sharing your personal story.


Out Of Work: Lionel’s Promotion Becomes His Demotion

Title: Out Of Work: Lionel’s Promotion Becomes His Demotion

Author: Chris Henry

Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(December 27, 2013)

Number of Pages: 490 pages

ASIN: B00WN7G0C0 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1492288497

ISBN-13: 978-1492288497

About The Author:

Chris Henry is a new Author based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s one of the new kids on the block who is bringing fresh perspectives about everyday life to the written page.His debut novel “Out of Work” homes in on the humor in real-life, on-the-job circumstances. This novel was born out of Henry’s belief that he can find “the funny” in almost any situation.In Out of Work, Henry introduces megalomaniacal bosses, crazy co-workers, itty bitty paychecks and much more. He explores unexpected family dynamics like unstable relatives and finances as well and somehow manages to find the laughter. Out of Work will keep you rolling from cover to cover. So be ready to enjoy this honest and light-hearted gem, “Out of Work”.

About This Book:

This is a story about a guy who settled in a position at Allen Shields. After a few years of ass kissing, he got a big promotion that placed him right at the top, except now he’s managing a warehouse full of people who hates his guts. As a result, Lionel changed overnight and became the meanest boss anyone could ever work for. Even Lionel’s wife could see a change in him. Sheila wasn’t happy with the person that he became, nevertheless, she continued to support him. Hate from his employees grew by the day and it didn’t take long for Lionel to realize that working as a Plant Manager wasn’t what he expected.

Out Of Work: Lionel’s Promotion Becomes His Demotion Book Review:

Chris Henry’s novel “Out Of Work: Lionel’s Promotion Becomes His Demotion” takes you on a comedy journey to discover life at the work place from the way of looking of a married manager. Chris Henry throw in diverse characters and plot convolution into a laughable glimpse at balancing aspiration, trustworthiness, and personal values within on the job and at home with family. As I was reading “Out Of Work: Lionel’s Promotion Becomes His Demotion” reminds me as a Comedy block buster movie with an adult version with a combination of  several of loose-jointed skits with approachable predication for the average individuals working a 9 to 5 job. The cleverness of this comedy narrative wrap around the main character of Lionel, who is entirely written as a freshly promoted plant manager at a new location space of a prominent California warehouse. This make the readers vision of Office Space in a warehouse. In defiance of Lionel’s becoming a middle management jerk, he not in any way seems to disconnected his chemistry throughout the story because of the representation ludicrous and achingly humiliate moments he give the feeling of fallen right into both at work and at his household. Occasionally, Lionel’s  impression is like the literary chip off old block  of Homer Simpson, George Jefferson and Al Bundy. In the act of the loving and deeply supportive wife, Sheila is the perfectly comparison to Lionel and his self-explanatory flaw. Even though this book have more than 450 pages but this massive book in my opinion is a simply to read narrative that create energy throughout take care of the worth for every page with massive die laughing.

Chris Henry really penned a graceful book that’s full of  amusement. He takes the reader on an undeniable life journey and display for the readers about how not to take things so seriously in the work place. I believe that Chris written this book as an easy read that’s created like a play, a sitcom or even a movie. This book will both captivate and show the ropes about How To Be On Your Best Behavior at the Work Place. I am very sure that we all know someone at work who is an apple-polisher and grumpy person who are in charge over us.  On this journey, Chris proceeds to prepare us on a journey with Them and provide us a commendable unrestrained laughter at the same time. I recommend this book everyone that are employees, employers, business owners and etc. You will definitely will get a great laugh. I was on the floor laughing from reading this book. Thank You Chris Henry for writing this great book especially for me because I definitely need a good laugh. Laughter is truly great for the soul.



God Is Not Mad At You

Title:God Is Not Mad At You

Authors: Dr. Al Jennings

Publisher:  AJ Publishings

Number of Pages: 87 pages

ASIN: B01651DWQG (EBook)

About The Author:        

Dr. Al Jennings is currently the Senior Pastor of Summit Church and the CEO of Summit Ministries International. He is primarily responsible for the overall leadership of the Church and for the teaching in our weekend Experiences. His purpose is to teach people how to win in life through the Word of God. He love writing, blogging, podcasting, facebooking, twittering and whatever means necessary to spread the gospel. He minister the Word of God in various Churches across the United States and the world. He provide oversight, counseling and consultation to ministers to help them fulfill the call of God on their life. He love to consult with Pastors on how to lead relevant churches that speak the language of the current culture in which we live.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Dr. Al Jennings Websites:   


Facebook Fan Page:

About This Book:    

Many people have a distorted picture of God. They see Him as mean and intolerant. That is not the God of the Bible. God is a good God who is not out to punish you. The cross was a rescue mission. God sent Jesus to save the world, not to condemn it. The Bible is not a book of rules. It is a love story written by a God who is love. He has every intention of doing good things for you. He wants you to live a rich and satisfying life. The gospel is good news. God is not mad at you; He’s madly in love with you and wants to have a relationship with you.

God Is Not Mad At You Book Review:

“God Is Not Mad At You” is an awesome exhortation title for this inspirational book just in time for today Christian community. In times like these, We as Christians need to understand that God is not angry with us but actually He loves us so unconditionally. Dr. Al Jennings minister to the readers through his anointed writings that God is madly in love with us by display His goodness and kindness. This book is a great tool for a mindset changing for the readers with knowledge and manifestation of who God really is.  God is the authority who has giving to His power over the swindler Satan. Again this is an awesome exhortation title for all generations. Dr. Jennings make sure that he address the fundamentals about God’s love and grace for society. This is an essential observation in light of the animosity and judgment that dominates too much monologue in this world. This inspirational manual that Dr. Jennings created with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to destroys a lot of inaccuracy that has been spread for decades about the relationship of God with humankind. Too many individuals really believe that God is punishing them for mistakes that they made. The title of this book really speaks volume that God is not mad at you at all. This is a great book and Dr. Jennings really help me personally that regardless of my mistakes that I made in the past, God really loves me and He is not mad at me. I know that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. God is not punishing us for our sins because actually Jesus took God’s wrath and judgement for us.  Everybody need to read this book for yourself so you can get a better understanding about the Love from God.

Thank You Dr. Al Jennings for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your hand with that anointed pen from God to create a powerful book that is well edifying. Everything that Dr. Jennings put down in messages are backed up by the Word of God. I am now wondering at the age 49 years old, how I didn’t realized this so many years ago. There are so much manifestation, it really made me cry to myself  as I was reading this book. I made so many mistakes and I thought I was a failure but by the Grace of God, I have a second chance to make it right. This book brought perspective in my life to be able to change and forgive myself. Dr. Jennings made this book a simple read with short chapters and interpretation from a lot of questions that the readers may have. The blessings of this book is that it is a confirmation from God , that we are conquerors and dominant through our Savior Jesus Christ. I love reading books that have scriptures that confirm of the messages just like this book. This book is definitely perfect for Christian Book club, Bible Study and even in Sunday School Class. I am going add this book for my daily devotion. I am going to present this book with my therapy group for dealing with depression and other mental illness. This book will definitely help someone with their recovery. Recovery is all about change and it start with you.

I love the way how Dr. Jennings describe the meanings about righteousness. Righteousness is the gift from God, all we have to do is to receive it. We as Christian doesn’t deserve to be created as sinners. We was put in that predicament because of Adam. Pastor Jennings minister to the readers that regardless of the predicament that Adam put us, we really did not deserve to made righteous. We are righteous because  of the sacrifice that Jesus did on our behalf. For that we are righteous of God in Jesus Christ. That is Good News. Please read this book for yourself. Knowledge is so powerful when you use it. I am looking forward to read more books by this anointed writer Dr. Al. Jennings.

Shades of the Heart (Encounters of the Heart)

Title: Shades of the Heart ( Encounters of the Heart) Christian Fiction Romance 

Author: Anne Marie Bryan

Publisher: Victorious By Design, LLC (February 23, 2015)

Number of Pages: 220 pages

ASIN: B00T512KQ2 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0985146850 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0985146856 (Paperback)


About The Author: 

Ann Marie Bryan is a dedicated, graceful, multi-talented leader with a passion for excellence. She is the CEO & Founder of Victorious By Design, an organization committed to providing professional writing services, personal and professional development programs and performing arts services.

An inspirational novelist, Ann Marie writes to educate, inspire and empower others. She desires to tell great stories with fascinating characters to show the awesome power of God in the lives of people and places. Her most recent novel, Shades of the Heart, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, started her Encounters of the Heart series. Book 2, Mirrored Hearts: Sealed By Fire, was released February 2016. Ann Marie’s greatest passion is to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God-given potential. She enjoys writing, reading, dancing, teaching, meeting people and traveling. Visit Ann Marie at

About This Book:    


All was well in Blake Montgomery’s magnificent world. He was actively involved in ministry at church, employed by a great company, and to top it all off, he was happily married to Gabrielle, and awaiting the new addition to his family.
Gabrielle found the love of her life. From the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable. But, Blake had to work tirelessly to tear down the wall she had built up against ever loving again, and she was glad he did. They shared a love they attributed only to the grace of God on their lives…a love so rare. When a dramatic turn of events disclosed shocking secrets, everything changed. As their marriage explodes and their lives shift in unexpected directions, both must learn to relinquish control and trust God in order to embrace the future. Life-altering struggles can be the pathway to new beginnings. Will they find the courage to forgive and create a love for all times?

Shades Of Heart Book Review:

Shades of the Heart is my first read from this author and it was a good one. Blake and Gabrielle have a solid marriage until a huge mistake throws their world into disarray. They are a Christian couple, which I thought would make the resolution of their problems easier, but not so.  A phantasmagoric holy matrimony on the verge of Collapse and the Love and Faith that dominance it in sync. Ann Marie Bryan has thoughtfully created characters that are complex and realistic. Gabrielle and Blake are immersed in a phantasmagoric holy matrimony, but when the scars of Gabrielle’s past reemerge, their phantasmagoric marriage is in danger. It is brought to the brink of collapse. Through the turmoil, Gabrielle and Blake reach out to their friends, family and faith for guidance and support. Without a doubt this narrative is anointed with lessons learn from infidelity, My understanding with reading Shades of the Heart was nothing short of extraordinary.

This writer Ann Marie Bryan is truly anointed as well as her books, in my viewpoint. When you say “there was just something about this book”, you are describing the anointed of the Holy Ghost. This anointed author really created this book that the readers can related with on so many levels. In my own opinion, this is an immature and emotional narration about pain, suffering, hurt, loss and love. The turbulence and the shame that Gabrielle goes through is something that many individuals have experienced, along with the devastation and resentful from Blake. Ms. Bryan does a miraculous job of conveying all of the emotions that these two characters has went through, without placing all of the blame at one’s feet. The actions of unforgiveness or unsympathetic is the considerable stumbling block in order that Blake can’t seem to appear being irritable. The narrative is realistic in that it points out our human imperfection and how in a moment we fall victim to weaknesses and make bad decisions. No matter what, that we as Christians working for the Master (God)and try to live by His commandments, we find it so difficult to forgive others when we’ve been take advantage of by them and this is the case with Blake.

I loved this astonishingly well- written Christian romance novel focusing on a married couple dealing with infidelity by the wife. Although it contained prayers, Scriptures, and a few short sermons, it wasn’t preachy but right on time for married couples who are dealing with betrayal. I adore reading about the trials and tribulations of Christian marriages and this one touches all of the emotional basis to draw the readers in and causing them continue of turning the pages. Still, the boulevard of true romance never did run peaceful . In the narrative of“Shades of the Heart” as I was reading even though this is a fiction but in today’s world, I can relate that relationships are being tested, weaknesses come to light, secrets are revealed.  While reading this narrative I learns that with understanding and love for one’s partner, relationships survive the worst trials. I recommend this book to EVERY Christians who is reflecting upon marriage. If you or someone that you know have ever been a victim of infidelity or rape this narrative is an awe-inspiring mechanism to the power of healing. Ann Marie Bryan takes us on a journey through a procession of counseling discussion, as you watch the transform of infidelity from the relative importance of both: the cheater and the one cheated on. She grasp deep into the authenticity of this subject, pulling perfection emotions that causes us to come to this eye-opener….nothing just happens. Then with the keys of get-up-and-go (The Word of God), she provides us the proof that God’s Word is therapy like no other; God’s word  influence to the profoundness of our hearts to cure the pain and it ramble our darkest secrets, deepest fears, storms and dirtiest deeds to the surface where only God  can restore, clean, and deliver us. I definitely endorsed this book because the author deliver  a well-defined glimpse at what an authentic supportive acquaintanceship role details. I will be looking forward to be reading more books from Ann Marie Bryan.  Ann  Marie Bryan  need to turn this narrative into a blockbuster Christian Romance Movie in the purpose of spreading God’s Word to the world.

Faithing It: Bring Purpose Back To Your Life!

Title: Faithing It: Bring Purpose Back To Your Life! – Christian Living/Personal & Spiritual Growth

Author: Cora Jakes Coleman

Publisher: Destiny Image (November 17, 2015)

Number of Pages: 208 pages

ASIN: B014FWG5WA (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0768409101 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0768409109 (Paperback)

ISBN-10: 0768407893 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-0768407891 (Hardcover)



About The Author:  

Cora Coleman is passionate about living a life of purpose and fertility (the ability to produce!). She is a preacher, author, and wife to her wonderful husband Brandon Coleman, as well as mother to her beautiful daughter Amauri and energetic son Jason, aka “Tuga” “Tuga.” As eldest daughter to world renown Bishop Jakes, and First Lady Serita Jakes, Cora directs the children’s ministry at The Potter’s House of Dallas in addition to her Cora Jakes ministry efforts. “Faithing It” is her first book. Cora loves life, and enjoys writing. She began writing her blog, “Fertility Faith,” at the age of 24 because of an early diagnosis of infertility. She went to the web looking for young women her age that were going through infertility, and could be a support to her, and found nothing for her age group. Soon after, Cora went through her first IVF cycle, and it failed. She was heartbroken, lost, and confused, but was able to find wonderful women through her sisters blog that had fought infertility and won. These women became her support and her push. They encouraged her to continue to push forward, and pushed her to speak about her struggle in order to help others. Through this journey, Cora was able to claim her ultimate purpose. She defines fertility as the ability to produce, and encourages people of all walks of life to produce their talents and their purpose by fighting with faith. Cora calls her support community her fertility sisters, and without them she would have been lost! Cora Coleman now posts weekly messages and speaks out about her battle with faith and infertility in the hopes of building a global support group for all people who are fighting for, not just a baby, but their ultimate promise that the Lord has spoken over them. She received her ministerial license from the Potter’s House School of Ministry, and plans to continue to encourage people worldwide through her blog, books, and speaking platform  where she will encourage you to fight for your dream no matter what obstacle you are facing. She not only a compassionate warrior for young women battling infertility, she has a heart for all people who are trying to get and reach their promise.

About This Book:        


Your Secret to Facing the Impossible with Confidence!

What is the size of your storm? If it’s a big storm; then you have a big call, and a big promise. More importantly, you have the ability to get through it! Get ready to hit refresh on your story, your journey, and your life. Turn your storm into an unshakable relationship with God and a ministry that touches people’s lives.
—from the Introduction by Cora Jakes

Cora Jakes shares her inspirational story of spiritual growth to set the stage for this life-changing message. Faithing It is not about pretending away your problems—it’s about facing circumstances with confidence because you see them measured next to the chain-breaking, miracle working power of God. Your storms may seem big, but God is bigger.Your season may feel dark, but God’s light is shining through.Your circumstance may appear hopeless, but nothing is impossible for God! By Faithing It, you will discover how to take the very storms that tried to destroy you and turn them into pathways to promotion and divine purpose!

Faithing It: Bringing Purpose Back Into Your Life Book Review:

This is the first book “Faithing It: Bringing Purpose Back Into Your Life!”by Cora Jakes Coleman. When I saw this book at Barnes & Noble, the tile alone minister to me personally and I knew that I need to read this book. I knew that Cora Jakes Coleman have a sermon for me through her anointed writing. Also it did persuade me because she is the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes. I read several books by her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes and I been empower and inspire to live a healthy and positive lifestyles.  This anointed author wants you to know that “Faithing It” requires us to learn how to develop our faith and go after those obstacles with Faith. You are a conqueror because you are faithing it. You are a fighter because you choose to be. You cannot get to great purpose, promise, legacy without great tribulation, but you can trust that everything works together for good in God’s timing. In 2014, when I was in the hospital for depression and anxiety, I stay in the hospital about 2 months. While I was in the hospital, some of the staff tried their best to keep me down and didn’t want me to get better. They thought I was stupid. One doctor told me that I have autism and I told her No I don’t. Her response to me was How do you know? I told her that I know that I don’t have autism and I am a Child of God. When they saw me to start showing my Faith in God into action suddenly I was a trouble maker. I make sure I read my bible and communicate to God through prayer. My situations was only temporary because It was only a Test and God was testing my faith.

“Faithing It” is a prodigious book. I will admit I’haven’t always have a decent level of faith. At most times I admit that I pulled back due to the crisis. There have been times when things got so bad that I  given up (temporarily). This book encouraged me to not to quit and it also showed the sacrifice and sometimes tribulations that comes with the process. However, during the storms moments of my process I was reminded that God is always by my side and he is flourishing character, integrity, trust and confidence in His ability to work on my benefit. We as Christians needs to have a sparring match for our PURPOSE! We can’t have no fight left because things get hard…we can’t cave in…we can’t quit. This book truly uplifted and restore my faith. I definitely now know that  that now I have faith to move mountains…  This book is also an “easy to understand” meaning you don’t have to force yourself to get through the book. You actually have to force yourself to put the book down and go to sleep. Faithing It will definitely provide you with the confidence to believe for the impossible again.

There is power in the word “NO”. The position of your power comes at the level of your ability to boast about your weakness. That’s the thing about the “NO.”When we as Christians have gone through the process , said our prayers, gain our relationships with God and delighted ourselves in Him, then when God said no it puts us in a weak place. Cora Jakes Coleman wants the readers to know that God will answers our weakness and gives us strength. She also minister to her readers that We are God’s book – a best seller. I agree with that because i know that I will produce powerful works for god because God is still performing miracles in my life especially dealing with depression with anxiety and almost facing being homeless. I put my faith in God into action that is alive and He perform that miracle for me to be a conqueror. God’s destiny for me to realize that I am worthy because there is a gem inside me that God needs , and He wants to see it manifest. My favorite message from Cora is about Your Purpose Is A Big Deal. She mentioned that you may be in a storm right now, but doesn’t mean that the promise is delayed. Our storm is telling us that our promise is a big deal. It just drawing a picture for us that God is creating our breakthrough bigger. I know that’s right because God did that for me through my storms of mental illness. Cora Jakes Coleman wrote this book in the purpose to let the readers know that she loves us and we are not alone at all. God is for us, so the rest are in God’s ability. God is really spoken for us to have will come to pass because the Word of God can’t back void. The enemy may recruit people to destroy our faith for what God promised but it won’t work because of our strong foundation in Him. We decided to fight with the spiritual weapon called faithing it(Fight For Faith). If  the power of God is fighting in you and through you then you cannot be defeated.

The title of this book alone speaks so much volumes and I knew that this book would have tremendous impact in my life.  Armed with a highlighter in one hand and a box of tissue in the other, I prepared myself for that spiritual surgery that I can imagined this inspirational manual would carry to completion. I have the mask of strength and great faith for so long that I believed  in my own lies. After reading Faithing It, I had to look myself in the mirror to reveal myself that it is time to stop pretending  and time for a sparring match with faith. Before this book, due to some circumstances in my life, my faith was flat lining. Faithing It became my defibrillator and now, I am empower, more focused, and grasping on my spiritual journey and the encounter it brings with the joy of how God is going to navigate me through as I put my faith into action toward back to God. Cora’s crystal-clear sharing, reminiscence and matter-of-fact lessons and powerful prayers give the reader just what they need to bring their purpose back to life! This not just a book but an investment in yourself for your christian living and start walking as a conqueror. Thank you Cora for allowing yourself to let God to guide the pen to created this Inspirational Motivational/Personal & Spiritual Growth Manual during this current time.


Via Darryl Cherry

Popular Savannah minister, Reverend Corey MeGill Brown, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of embezzling money from his church over nearly a 10-year period.

Brown was pastor of the Second African Baptist Church on Houston Street, between the years of 1999 and 2014. The feds are convinced that during more than half of his tenure, his focus was stealing money from the church’s most vulnerable members.

The indictment came down after more than two years of investigation started, when one member asked the church for a statement of all his tithing over the last year. The church could not provide it. That’s when the board realized a second account had been set up at the church’s bank; an account named “Roman’s 12.” Federal investigators say Reverend Brown was diverting the tithings of dozens of sick and shut-in members directly into that account, for his own personal use.

Wednesday’s indictment also includes the specific church members who sent check after check after check; some for as much as $1,500, directly to the church, only to have those funds diverted to the Romans 12 account.

Once the investigation into Rev. Brown’s alleged activities was underway, church members were quick to contact other organizations that either employed or had Rev. Brown on their boards, including Metro Police. Brown was the Chaplain’s Coordinator for the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department. In fact, he was involved the in the pinning of Chief Jack Lumpkin in 2014. When those members contacted the mayor – asking to have him removed from the Chaplains, or face the embarrassment of the possible outcome of the investigation – within weeks, he was.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police released a statement on Wednesday evening:

The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has been aware of the investigation of Pastor Corey MeGill Brown since December 2014.

Once the SCMPD was made aware, Brown’s affiliation as an SCMPD chaplain ended immediately. At no time did Brown manage or oversee any funds at the SCMPD. Brown was a chaplain for the SCMPD from 2010-2014.

He was also later removed as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, after a call from the church.

Last week, members of the church’s sister congregation, the First African Baptist Church, contacted WTOC, telling us it was holding a meeting about its church accounts. They were concerned that Rev. Brown, who had since been hired by Pastor Thurmond Tillman as an assistant, may have been doing the same thing there. Rev. Tillman was quick to respond.

“There is absolutely no money that’s missing or unaccounted for from George Lyle Vision, which is our non-profit, or from First African Baptist Church,” Rev. Tillman said.

The church member we spoke with on Wednesday remembers his own mother in the hospital, getting visits from Rev. Brown for prayer and communion. He says his mother would actually cut checks; her tithings; to the church, and hand them over to Brown. She never knew if the money ever made into the church’s account – or Romans 12.

Many members of the Second African Baptist Church consider it a slap in the face that Reverend Tillman at First African Baptist would hire Brown with these accusations floating around.

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