Beware Of Who You Are Sitting Next To At Place Of Worship


Do you know that Satan is in the pews? Who’s sitting next to you?  You’ll be surprised the number of people who come to Church for the wrong reason. You have to pray today even before you arrive for Worship services at your Place of Worship.  Recently during a Sunday Morning Worship Service at a Church that I attended, there was a woman sitting next to me and she asks me a question.  Her question was Are You A Diabetic?  My response to her, No I am not. After that she went into her purse and took out a needle. While the preacher was preaching his sermon, she had the nerve to interrupt me by asking me this question. Do you mind if I take your blood to see if you are a diabetic? My response to her was, Yes I do mind and you will not take any blood from me. She then told me that she is a registered nurse. I told her, I don’t care if you are President Obama’s nurse, you will not be taken any blood from me. You are out of order and you should be ashamed of yourself. God is not pleased at all. Don’t you ever do that again. She looks at me like I was crazy and didn’t think that she do anything wrong.

I am considering talking to the Pastor of that church about that incident. I am very sure that I wasn’t the first person that she had approached. Pulling out needles and asking for blood, that’s just plain crazy. To me it looks like that she wasn’t in her right mind. She has some serious mental issues. A normal person wouldn’t even consider doing that at all. The main reasons why I am afraid of this woman because she didn’t have any problem of pulling out a needle because according to her that she is a registered nurse. My question is who does that  during Church services pulling out needles? What’s going to be next? You will never know who she may just stick with the needle instead of asking that person. She may even do that to a child, you never know. I could just imagine the person she sticks without asking their permission. She just makes her mind to test for everything under the sun or that child or elderly person who can’t get away from her, infected with a dirty needle. In my opinion that she is using that as a weapon just like a loaded pistol. Several individuals mentioned to me that I should report this to an usher or security. My reactions were that I really didn’t think people will do stupid things like this in the Church. I really thought they would have respect in God’s house. At first I thought maybe it was just my imagination but then I realized that it wasn’t. I really wanted to call her stupid at that moment but two wrongs didn’t make it right and I wanted to be the better person. I was also determined to listen to the Word of God.  I wasn’t letting her evil ways of interrupting me from receiving the message from God’s servant.

I shared this incident with several people that I know in person and on Social Media. They all told me that you did the right thing. She was out of order and you should have reported her to an Usher and to the Pastor. She didn’t have no reason to ask you that during Church services. The thing that bothers me was I didn’t give her any reasons that I was a diabetic. I knew that I was fine during the services. I didn’t even leave my seat at all to go to the bathroom. I see if I was showing some signs that I was sick during the worship services then she may have the right to be concerned. Another thing is that if she was really concerned about diabetes then maybe she should suggest to her Pastor to have a Health Fair at the Church. There is an appropriate place and time for health screenings and I can definitely tell you it was not. Somebody told me that if it was them that they would definitely share with an usher, deacon or someone to call attention to the matter. A nurse that I know told me that there are certain OSHA regulations you have to adhere to when dealing with bodily fluids. I can witness to that her pocketbook is not a bio-hazard container. There was one nurse that I know online mention to me “I’m an RN and I don’t want to deal with people blood even when I have to deal with it. Something is definitely wrong with her. Everybody told me that I need to pray and don’t sit next to her anymore. I am taking their advice very seriously. There was another person that I know in the Healthcare industry share with me, “By me being in Healthcare, I have never heard of someone doing this, I had moments where I will be talking and notices something and ask. But never would I check someones sugar unless I knew they were a diabetic and acted as if they were showing signs of being high or low. She was way out of line.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, you have to realize that when you are attending worship services that your focus should be in Christ Jesus. The Church enters into you and you the building to worship Christ and fellowship with the Saints. Your purpose of attending Church services is to receive the Word of God. To learn something that the preacher is trying to teach you. Under no circumstances that you don’t interrupt anyone during the services. You should not be asking anybody about their health. That is none of your business. You definitely do not take out your needles during the worship services and ask that person can you take their blood to see if they have sugar. That’s very disrespectful to that person and to God. You are out of order. There is a place and time for that such as a Health Fair Event at the Church. I don’t care if you are a licensed nurse, you don’t do that at all. My question to you is , Do you really think that they are going to let you take blood from them. First, they really don’t know you. Second, They don’t know where that needle came from. Finally, anybody could claim that they are a registered nurse and they don’t have to be. Today, you have to be careful who you are sitting next to at Church. Everybody doesn’t have a Christian mindset. Some people will try their best to do harm to you either mentally or physically. Our worst enemy is some of these so called Church folks. You should always be alert at all time. In the book of 1 Peter the 5th Chapter, the 8th Verse and the 9th Verse mention “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” My advice to you and I am also learning this from my situations from that woman is to be on your guard and fight against the schemes of the devil. You must know your opponents immediately because the devil will send someone toward your way to plan on destroying you.  In the book of Ephesians the 6th  and the 11th Verse said “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” The Word of God is our best weapon against the devil. Learn to apply the Word of God in your life daily. Everybody that you sit next to at worship services aren’t Christ like. Some of them have their own agenda and will try to lure you into their trap. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that you  stay in the Will of God. This Sunday I am looking forward to attend Church and I am definitely going to change my seat.